Welcome to Georgia

After a great three week stay in Myrtle Beach, we headed west to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with our children.  Kevin lives there and Jessica flew in for the holiday.  First thing on Thanksgiving morning Kevin ran in the annual Atlanta half marathon.  He had a great run and finished in the top five percent of men in his age group in a race with over 12,000 participants!

After the race (and a shower for the marathon man), we headed to the airport to pick up Jessica from her flight from Baltimore.  Then, it was back to Kevin’s house where Pam prepared a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.  The day was topped off with an overnight visit from Kevin’s friend, Buster.

Buster, a golden retriever, belongs to Kevin’s flying instructor, T.J.  Kevin serves as Buster’s dog sitter when T.J. and his new bride Melissa need one.  Buster is a very well-behaved dog and Kevin enjoys his visits.  During this stay Buster provided all of us with some very entertaining moments.

Buster's the one in the middle!

Kevin sometimes had trouble finding the "correct" end of the dog . . .

While in Atlanta, we headed to two of our favorite markets – Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  It was the first time in a long while (maybe ever) that all four of us were in a store like this.

Of course, a family portrait was in order.  Would you believe it only took one take?  OK, it took about four takes to get something presentable.

After taking Jessica back to the airport on Friday for a return to Pennsylvania and some time helping Kevin buy and set up a new HD TV, we headed south on Sunday morning.  After a drive of just under 200 miles, we set up at Wanee Lake RV and Golf Resort near Ashburn, GA.  Ashburn is a very small town (a Walmart is over 20 miles away!) so we are not even going to dis-connect the car from the trailer since there is nowhere to go.  But that’s OK because we are parked right in front of the first tee of what turns out to be a decent nine hole golf course.  There is no fee to play if you are going to walk the course and there are only a couple of others playing so we have the course to ourselves.

Our site on the left - the first tee on the right

We’ll stay here in southern Georgia until Saturday, then continue our trek south into Florida.

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1 Response to Welcome to Georgia

  1. Marsha says:

    Kevin…great running. Top 5%, how awesome! Buster is bigger than you Pam…LOL
    I can’t wait to be somewhere where there is a Traders Joes. Never been in one. I need to taste that wine!
    The family portrait is awesome. Don’t tell the kids but you two look younger than them…no kidding!
    FREE golf…unheard of!
    Glad you have a wonderful visit with the kids and safe travels. Take your time getting to Florida. No rush remember; we aren’t on vacation!

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