Overnight near Miami

We left Ashburn in southern Georgia early Saturday morning and drove about 250 miles south to Bushnell in central Florida.  We spent the month of January here so we knew an RV park to go to and where the Walmart and grocery store  were located.  But, most importantly, we knew where Sparkman’s Citrus Stand was in nearby Sumtnerville where they sell the best orange juice and fresh ruby red grapefruits.

After cleaning out the fruit stand we headed to the Walmart where apparently they were having auditions for a “People of Walmart” photo spread in the next edition of Time Magazine.  Then it was on to the Winn-Dixie for groceries followed by dinner at Beef O’Brady’s, a nice sports bar type restaurant.  As we ate we commented on what seemed to be a gust of cold air every time someone entered the dining room until we remembered that it was about 70 degrees outside and the air was from the air conditioning.  After waking up to 31 degrees in Georgia, it was nice to be in the warm evening temperatures of central Florida.

We arose early Sunday morning and headed south on the Florida turnpike.  After 311 miles we are parked at the Miami Everglades RV Resort near South Miami.

As we did last night, we did a minimum setup of the motorhome, leaving the car on the trailer and only opening the bedroom slide.  This way we can easily be ready to move in the morning.  Tomorrow we make our final journey to the south as we head to Key West, where the daytime temperatures are predicted to be in the high 70s and the lows in the low 70s.  How cool is that ! ! !

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1 Response to Overnight near Miami

  1. Marsha says:

    Oh YUMMMMMMY! The grapefruit looks so good and juicy. Your site looks HUGE! Safe travels tomorrow!

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