Over Lizard Pass and Back

Cortez, CO

After a one night stay in Ridgeway State Park we took advantage of a nice day and headed south to Cortez to avoid the rain predicted for the next couple of days. Since we would be going up and over a couple of high mountain passes (Lizard Pass is over 10,000′) again, we decided to have Pam drive the Jeep instead of towing it with the motorhome. This also allowed her to get some great photos of the high mountains and the beautiful colors of the Aspens all around us.

Trout Lake just south of Telluride, CO

We knew our friend, Lewis, was staying with his friends Dave and Sue in nearby Dolores, so the first thing we did after setting up in Westview RV Park was to head over for a visit.

Difficult selfie attempt

The next day Dave and Sue moved their motorhome from the park in Dolores to the site next to us in Cortez. That made it much easier for us to get together and for Lewis to come over for a visit. For some reason he loves hanging around in our motorhome.

No I’m not coming home!

That night the predicted rain came, with snow at the higher elevations. We invited Dave and Sue to join us the next day for a ride back over Lizard Pass to enjoy the views of the snow covered mountains and for a visit to the beautiful little ski town of Telluride.

Trout Lake again but with snow

Telluride is surrounded by high mountain peaks that are especially beautiful when covered with a fresh snowfall.

We had lunch at Steamies Burger Bar on the right of the photo
Wilson Peak (14,023′) of Coors Beer can fame

We enjoyed spending a couple of days with Dave and Sue before they headed back into Arizona on their way to their new home in Wickenburg. We did a bit of exploring the area with them and went out to dinner in Cortez but forgot to get any photos.

After they left we packed up and headed about 80 miles south into New Mexico for a return visit to Farmington. We stopped there about a month ago at the beginning of this trip but it was still too hot to do a hike the nimble hiker had on her radar. Temperatures have moderated since then so we decided to circle back for a couple of days.

More on that later . . .

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22 Responses to Over Lizard Pass and Back

  1. Sue says:

    Great shots of your motorhome and the beautiful scenery – “say cheese”! We had a wonderful time visiting and exploring with you two and Lewis is satisfied for awhile longer….just not too much longer he says….

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, Sue! I did do a lot of “cheese” as we drove hoping for some good shots. It was nice to be together even if just for a few days. We appreciate your relocating to be our neighbor’s. Tell Lew that I hope it won’t be too long either.

  2. Jeff Pierce says:

    It’s always a great time when good friends can meet up on the road.

  3. Laurel says:

    So fun that you guys met up with Sue and Dave and Lew in your travels! That’s the best, sharing good times with good friends. It looks like Lew was very happy to see Gramma Pamma! Of course he wants to stay at your rig! 🙂

    • placestheygo says:

      Yes, it worked out perfectly for timing and location, and we weren’t even trying. Lew is so funny when we get together. He only has one thing on his mind and that’s getting in to our MH for treats and ball playing. He has no desire to go home until dinner time.

  4. That drive over Lizard Pass is one for the books! Beautiful country, I just love Colorado in the Fall.
    For sure Lewis was in heaven, to see his Grandmama and Papa, I just love that smart hairy boy!

    • placestheygo says:

      This was our second September in the same generally area of Colorado and both times the colors have blown us away. What a place to be that time of year. You’re right, ML, it is beautiful country. Getting to see Lew was so sweet…oh, and Dave and Sue!!

  5. Jim and Barb says:

    Looks like you hit the fall colors perfectly, love the aspens when they are turning like that!

  6. Love Pam’s shots of the motorhome, the mountains and the fall colors. That was a beautiful trip!

  7. Jodee Gravel says:

    Gorgeous pics of the colorful and snowy mountains!! Love that you got to meet up with Lew and his peeps in another beautiful area. We’ve separated from the mothership on a few short drives, and I’m thinking it’s something we’ll do for those giant mountain climbs.

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, Jodee! Separating sure made less work for the MH going over those passes. John was able to keep up a decent speed. Seeing Dave, Sue, and Lew was icing on the perfect trip.

  8. Joe Taylor says:

    Sure hope you are planning to frame some of those beautiful photos of your MH and the fall leaves on Lizard Pass! What fun to spend a few days with Sue and Dave and I see a very happy Lewis! He is such a sweet boy!

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, Gay!! I was surprised how many of the photos turned out. I have the camera set for voice control so I am just holding up the phone quickly and saying “cheese.” I’m never sure what I am actually getting. It was a treat to be next to Dave, Sue, and Lew again after many months.

  9. Box Canyon Blogger Mark says:

    Enjoyed seeing our back yard through your lens. There’s a nice trail that starts out as a jeep road on the other side of Trout Lake. It winds up on the shores of another lake…
    Box Canyon

  10. Such a beautiful Fall drive and a great opportunity for Lewis to hang out with his fairy godmother! He really does look sooooo happy at your place! Adorable little traitor. Lol.

  11. Chasing Dirt says:

    Fall in the west has been pretty good this year, and it looks like you certainly got to experience that! It sure does make the alpine lakes even lovlier. I think I’ve heard it said somewhere that the way to a poodle’s heart is through his stomach. Not hard to understand why he would be in heaven in your rig with all the smoochies, scritchies, and nummies!

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