Heading to Atlanta

It’s hard to believe but our three week stay here in North Myrtle Beach is coming to an end.  Tomorrow we pack up and head west to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving at our son’s house.  It’s about a 400 mile trip, which is a bit longer than we like to travel in a day so we will stop at a park along the interstate where we spent a night on our way here.  The park is just off the highway and has a spot that allows us to leave everything attached.  That allows us to get up the next day and continue our drive to Atlanta with ease.

While here in North Myrtle, we have spent most of our time at the beach, going out to eat, spending time with friends, and even doing a bit of shopping.  Our friends Bob and Sandy were in the area and came for a visit.  We met them at a Discovery Rally last year in Tennessee and have kept in touch ever since.  They treated us to a great dinner in Maine in July and we toured the Gettysburg battlefield when they met us in York, PA in August.  Unfortunately, they had a mishap with their motorhome in Charleston, SC and have been living in a hotel for the last month while awaiting the completion of repairs.  Since there are also hotels here in Myrtle, they drove up for a week to visit and see the area.

During Bob and Sandy’s visit, we drove south of Myrtle Beach to Murrell’s Inlet where we boarded the Waccamaw Lady, a 60 foot pontoon boat, and enjoyed a river cruise along the Waccamaw and Pee Dee Rivers.  Before the Civil War (OK Kevin, the War of Northern Aggression) the area was the home of numerous rice plantations supported by a large slave population.  From the rivers you can still see some of the few remaining houses from that era and some of the gates used to flood the rice fields.

An old plantation mansion

Gate used to control flooding of the rice fields

A Modern Mansion Along the Pee Dee River

We have also enjoyed visiting with friends we met while here last November.  Rick and Jeanine were parked in the spot next to us during that stay and later met up with us at the Fleetwood Rally in Florida at the end of January.  Two of their children live in the Myrtle Beach area so they spend a great deal of time here visiting with them and the grandkids.

They had told us about a nice Mexican restaurant called Abuelo’s, so we went there for lunch with Bob and Sandy.  We liked it so much we returned later with Rick and Jeanine for another delicious meal!

November is “off season” for this area, which is one of the reasons we like to be here at this time of year.  The weather is perfect for the beach and any other outside activity but the crowds are long gone.  You can go anywhere with no difficulty, including the main beach area of Myrtle Beach, a place that is mobbed during the summer months.  We spent one day riding around this part of town, including the new boardwalk area.  The “board” part of the walk runs for about a quarter mile then becomes a very nice concrete path that runs in front of hotels along the beach.  As the photos show, it was deserted the day we rode through.

While we loved our time in the Myrtle area, we are looking forward to Thanksgiving with Kevin and Jessica (flying in to Atlanta Thanksgiving morning). We’ll stay in Atlanta for four days, then continue our trek south as the weather cools.

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2 Responses to Heading to Atlanta

  1. Marsha says:

    The walkway looks awesome. We love visiting areas where the kids are school, the beach is ours and the sun is hot!
    I notice in the picture with Bob and Sandy a delicious looking drink in front of Sandy. Do you know what it is called?
    Now that is interesting…a pontoon boat tour. Looks like you had an awesome day!
    We wish you a wonderful Blessed Thanksgiving with Kevin and Jessica.

    • placestheygo says:

      I am not sure what the drink was called but it was a margarita with something swirled in through it. I didn’t have one. I just had a basic frozen margarita that was awesome.

      Happy Thanksgiving! Pam

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