Dining at “Legs Inn”

We were looking for someplace different to dine at so we asked the park owners about different restaurants in the area.  One of the places they mentioned was a place called “Legs Inn”, a thirty mile drive straight across Michigan from where we are along Lake Huron to the shore of Lake Michigan.  After a day working around the motorhome in cloudy weather we decided to take a motorcycle ride and check this place out.  Boy, were we in for a treat.  The restaurant was built by a Polish immigrant, Stanley Smolak, in the late 1920’s.  The actual name, Legs Inn, is derived from the row of inverted stove legs that Stanley used to make the decorative railing on the roof of the building.

The Inn is very unique, with the exterior build from local stone, and the wood trim and doors inside and out built from local driftwood from the shores of Lake Michigan.

The entrance door

We went through the bar and dining area and were escorted to a table on the patio with a great view of their flower garden and Lake Michigan in the background

View from our table

View from our table

One of the neat things about this dinner experience is that the menu offers a number of Polish beers and Polish dinners.  Top that with our waiter, Bruno, who is a student from Poland spending the summer working at Legs Inn.  Bruno is studying management at a university in his home city south of Warsaw (with an unpronounceable name).  He was very nice and gave us recommendations and detailed descriptions of each Polish item on the menu.  We both enjoyed a traditional Polish meal followed by a great dessert!

Bruno the waiter

After our meal, we headed South along Michigan Route 119, called the “Tunnel of Trees” as it is a narrow road bordering the lake and the trees have grown up and, in many places, over the road, creating a tunnel effect.

Tunnel of Trees road

For day that started out a little boring, a dinner trip  turned out to be a wonderful experience ! ! !

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  1. Rachel, your little sister says:

    I wonder what Bruno posted on his blog about his visit from the two people from Pennsylvania.

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