Southern Michigan

One of the big attractions in this area of Michigan is the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn.   So who could pass through without making a visit?  We are parked in the Wayne County Fairgrounds near I-94 in Blelleville, Michigan for three nights.  Yesterday was a beautiful day so we did the college tour.  Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan is only ten miles to the west and East Lansing is about fifty miles to the northwest.  College campuses are interesting to visit so, having two large ones nearby, it had to be done.

The first stop was the city of Ann Arbor to visit the home of the Wolverines and the “Big House”.   Their stadium is the largest in the country with a newly renovated capacity of 109,000 (2,000 more than Penn St.).

While the athletic areas were very impressive, Michigan is well known for its academics, also.  They have an impressive medical school and a very highly ranked law school.  The law school was a beautiful area of the campus.

The Law Quad

After a brief stop at the local Starbucks, we headed for East Lansing to visit Michigan State.  We downloaded a voice app for the phone that gives voice turn by turn directions so we let Mary Jane (the lady in the phone giving us directions) lead the way.  She got us to the area nicely but apparently thinks “Michigan State University” is a road called “University Avenue” and took us for a bit of a circular ride until she said “You have arrived at your destination” when we entered University Drive five miles from the school!  It’s a nice feature but it also uses a great deal of battery power so we have no picture of Michigan State.  Trust me, its a beautiful campus also.

Today the weather man called for some storms so it was a good day to visit the Henry Ford Museum.  We spent over six hours looking at the displays.  They must have a restored example of every car ever made!

Presidential Limo

The limo above was the one in which JFK was assassinated in.  It was used by a number of presidents after that and modified a number of times.  That is why it has a fixed roof instead of the removable one used in Dallas.

The Caddy above has no significance but is it every big!

It was a very nice day to be inside as the area had a fairly strong thunderstorm go through.  But we were safe and sound inside the museum.

Tomorrow we head south as we need to be in Decatur, Indiana for a repair to a broken pane in the shower stall.

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