Travelling Across Nevada

Carson City, NV

We left the beautiful ski area of Park City, UT and continued west on I-80.  On the way through the Salt Lake City area we stopped at a truck repair shop to have the front end aligned.  While driving through Wyoming we noticed the outside of one of the front tires was showing excessive wear along the outer edge.  We had that tire replaced and both tires balanced at Les Schwab in Heber City, UT.  Schwab doesn’t have the equipment to do big vehicle alignments so we had it done at GCR Tire in West Valley City, UT.  They said the alignment was good but found a loose wheel bearing, which they felt was the cause of our tire wear.  After the alignment was completed we continued west along the south end of the Great Salt Lake.

Mountains reflecting in the water of the Great Salt Lake

Morton Salt Plant

“Hypertension Hill!”

Through the salt flats

At times the salt looked like ice chunks on a lake

After about a hundred miles we came to one of the most distinctive state lines we have seen.  On the east side of the line is Wendover, UT, while on the west side of the line is West Wendover, NV.  Two large casinos, one on either side of the street, butt right up against the state line on the Nevada side.  In fact, the driveway entrance for each casino is on the Utah side of the line.

After enduring the cigarette smell while walking through one of the casinos to locate the Starbucks, we spent a quiet night in the local KOA, the only decent rv park in town.

West Wendover KOA

The next day we continued our journey westward.  Contrary to the myth that Nevada is all flat terrain, the scenery was quite interesting as we drove along the interstate.

After a drive of about 230 miles we parked for the night in the New Frontier RV Park on the west side of the town of Winnemucca, NV.  Now you know that some vices illegal in most states are legal in Nevada, so Winnemucca has its share of casinos.  But we don’t like to gamble so we headed into town to see if there were other vices we could check out.  Turns out there is a vice for those who don’t gamble!

But the parking lot was very dusty and we didn’t want to get the Jeep dirty, so we passed on visiting this establishment.  Besides, we wanted to get back to the motorhome to enjoy a Nevada sunset!

The next morning we continued our journey for another 170 miles to our destination, Carson City.  It seems that the front end alignment and wheel bearing adjustment didn’t cure our problems, they just moved to the other front wheel.  The problem is a mystery as for a time the front end will shake a bit, then for a while it rides smoothly.  Also, the tire on the other side is beginning to show a wear pattern on the outside.  So on our way into Carson City we stopped at Carson City Truck and Auto Repair, a shop that specializes in RV repairs.  John talked at length with the owner, who was very knowledgeable about alignments, and he is at a loss for a cause of our problem, especially since it is intermittent.  So Tuesday we’ll take the motorhome there to see if he can find the problem.  Until then we are comfortably set up at the Silver City RV Park.  RV pals Dave and Sue (Buluga’s Excellent Adventure) are headed this way and should arrive on Friday.  We will then join them for a ride south on scenic Rte. 395 down the east side of California.

More on that later . . .


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37 Responses to Travelling Across Nevada

  1. explorvistas says:

    It will be interesting to see what the mechanic finds when they get into the repair. I assume that he was ‘at a loss’, because the wheels were still on the ground? Having slightly more than basic knowledge of steering systems, I’m thinking you have a worn tie rod…although it could be a multitude of things. Tightening a loose wheel bearing is concerning; if it ran long enough to wear out a tire, what did it do to the bearing race (the part the bearing rides on)? I’m sure John is researching this problem. Once the wheels are off the ground, the mechanic (and maybe even John) should try physically moving the tires and the steering arms. That usually tells the story…especially if the problem is bad enough to cause tire wear. I’m surprised GCR didn’t figure it out. This will be interesting to see what they come up with, Pam. Whatever the cause…be sure to keep it greased at regular intervals! 🙂


    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, Jim! The tie rod is something that was suggested during John’s talk with the owner. We’ll be sure to post on what the problem turns out to be. We take the coach in ever year for annual maintance and that is usually done at Freightliner in Gaffney, SC. Proper maintance has always been a high priority. Thank goodness John is fairly knowledgeable in the area of mechanics.

  2. mdbelock says:

    Love those desert sunsets. Hope they can find a fix for you.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    It is always interesting to see someone else’s perspective on places we have been before. We have been to all those places you mentioned (except the brothel). In fact my son and son-in-law dragged me to Windover for an all night poker tournament where I walked out about $500 up!

    • placestheygo says:

      I agree that it is interesting to see what others find and think at the same locations we have visited. Gee, I don’t know why you didn’t stop at the brothel!! How cool that you had an jackpot night in Wendover!

  4. Don’t you just hate those problems that can’t be easily diagnosed and fixed? Hope this place can get it right.
    You are going to love all the hiking opportunities along 395!

    • placestheygo says:

      Yes, this front end problem is puzzling. Fixing one problem moved the problem to another area,and so on. Sure hope it is a quick fix!

      It is the hiking I’ve been reading about others doing that has been calling me to 395. I am so excited to get started:)

  5. Gay says:

    Beautiful sunset! Hope the issues get sorted out…

  6. LuAnn says:

    Hope you are able to determine what is causing your tire problems soon. I still think you should have at least stepped into that brothel John. It would have made for some nice blog material, don’t you think? 😉 Have a wonderful time on the 395. The hiking is divine!

  7. Jodee Gravel says:

    Hypertension Hill – ha!! I can’t handle the smoke in most casinos anymore – even for a Starbucks 🙂 Beautiful sunsets, fun “red light district”. So glad you made it safely to Carson City and found a place that can hopefully solve the issue for good. Made an appointment to get the Jeep tuned up here in Susanville. We roll your way on Friday.

  8. Laurel says:

    Hmm, hope you get that tire issue solved. Not fun to have “mysteries” like that on the road. We have come to enjoy our travels through Nevada — there’s quite a bit of natural beauty (not talking about the brothels!) including some fabulous hiking in the Ruby Mountains and Great Basin NP (as you know). Can’t wait to read about your adventures on 395!

    • placestheygo says:

      A MH problem where we are heading isn’t a good idea, for sure. Fingers crossed they find the problem and we move smoothly south:)

      Nevada does have so much to offer for the hiker. We have enjoyed all out stops.

  9. pmbweaver says:

    Awesome photo of the mountains and the water.

    We have never seen a state line like that either. Pretty cool.

    I like the name….Pussycat Ranch…ooooo lala

    You go on the most craziest roads to climb the highest mountains and you can’t get the Jeep dirty? No one is buying that one!

    Dang, we hope you get the MH fixed once and for all!

  10. RJRVtravels says:

    OK – get that problem fixed and have a great time on 395 – jealous!

  11. libertatemamo says:

    We have yet to drive by the Salt Flats something that’s on my bucket list (Paul is less interested) just for the photography. HAVE FUN traveling 395 w/ Sue & Dave. Altho’ we’ve done it so many times, I’m still jealous 🙂


    • placestheygo says:

      Nina, you would have a great time photographing as you cross under the Great Salt Lake and go through the salt flats. The landscape is always changing and the surface varies in such unique ways.

      I am very excited about our upcoming trip especially having Dave and Sue along!!

  12. mdbelock says:

    How old are your tires. Even through the tires are close to new, they could have been close to been outdated when they were put on. This would cause ride problems.There is a code on the back of the tires that tells you when they were made. I think the site is with the NTSB. Brothels are a good rest stop?

  13. Sherry says:

    I think Nevada is the only state in the lower 48 I have actually never been in. Interesting to see your pictures. You two are so disciplined to avoid all those vices. Your mothers would be proud. Gorgeous sunset. Like you, I am anxious to find out what IS the mystery problem and even more important what is the FIX for it. We’ll be waiting to find out so we can check Winnona although she hasn’t been on a drive longer than 45 miles all summer.

    • placestheygo says:

      Sherry, you need to put Nevada on your radar. There is some amazing hiking in the state. We had no idea how mountainous the state is until we saw a topographical map of the state. We’ll be sure to post what was found. Fingers crossed that they find something!

  14. Dave & Skruffy ( says:

    I was looking for you along I-80 figuring you were driving along the same route we were…I think you were just a day behind us. Safe travels…..Dave

  15. Hypertension Hill! Funny!

    Looks like you had that KOA just about all to yourselves.

    Fingers crossed the issue gets fixed quickly…and you don’t have to resort to brothels to find things to do…!

  16. Hope your problem gets fixed so you can be back on the road traveling safely. I am also a retired teacher. Chuck and I left Michigan on March 11, 2014, in our new Winnebago Via. After traveling for fifteen months, we are taking a break in Gig Harbor, Washington, while Mercedes and Winnebago try to determine why our EGR valve has malfunctioned five times. The first time was the day we left, just three hours from home. Over 500 miles of towing has caused structural damage to our coach. Enjoying your travels and hiking adventures!

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, Connie, for joining us:) It is amazing how many educators we have met on the road. There are a lot of us out there.

      So sorry to hear about your difficulties. Sounds like a major problem with your coach having structural damage. Hope you at able to get it fixed. Gig Harbor looks like a nice place to chill while waiting for repairs. We are hoping Friday’s new part and tires will be the answer to our problems.

  17. Nancy says:

    The Nevada Utah Line was something else. So we are just like the both of you… could care less about casinos and brothels. Give us a sunset any day!

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