Sunny Bradenton Beach

On Wednesday we moved from Bushnell, FL about 120 miles south to Holiday Cove RV Resort in Cortez, just across the bay from Bradenton Beach.  As we said in a previous post, this place is really nice.  It has all paved sites, a pool, and is less than a mile to the beach (Starbucks is three miles in the other direction!).

The weather warmed up to the mid 60s today with sunny skies so we took the opportunity to spend some time on the beach.  We really feel sorry for all those readers who are in the cold north while we sit in sunny . . . .  OK, so nobody is buying this story so let’s get to the truth:  It’s so neat to hear and see the weather up north while sitting in a warm climate, and we don’t feel sorry at all!  Sorry . . .

Just before sunset we packed up some food and an adult beverage and headed to the beach to enjoy the sunset.  The beach was fairly deserted and a bit cool (we needed a sweatshirt) but the sunset was terrific.

Well, we better get to bed early today.  Tomorrow is predicted to be in the high 70s so we will want to get an early start!


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2 Responses to Sunny Bradenton Beach

  1. Sam Bryson says:

    If only I could reach into that picture and grab a handful of sand or feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. It is a rainy, snowy, slushy, windy cold day. The kind of day when you get a chill in your bones and it doesn’t go away. I’m so glad you are enjoying you time and each other..right you are enjoying each other????
    Enjoy the holiday in the warmth………….Will you travel out of the US and head into Mexico? Miss You!! YT jsut isn’t the same; for alot of reasons…………Sam

  2. Jean Lippy says:

    Hello Pam and John,
    I’ve been following your travels, and making my list of places to travel in a few years! Must tell you my sister and brother-in-law live in Palmetto….a short drive to Bradenton. We visit for 2 weeks every June, and Bradenton Beach is so quiet and deserted. As you know, the sunsets are great as well!

    If you’re interested, I have a great list of places to go, and things to do in the Bradenton and Sarasota area (you MUST visit Siesta Key…..whitest sand I’ve ever seen). They have a “Drum Circle” every Sunday night at sunset with “hippie type” people drumming, and people dancing (or watching the show). Take some wine and cheese!

    If you’d like some other ideas…there are some great restaurants, a fantastic farmer’s market/flee market, and a place to rent kayaks to float down the Weeke Wachee River. If interested, email me at work, and I’ll send you some info.

    Have a great Christmas…I’m sure your weather will be sunny and beautiful. We usually get a call from Florida on Christmas day saying.”we’re on the beach….it’s 75 degrees….etc). Wish I could join the club!

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