“Cool” Florida

After a chilly night (21 deg.) in Savannah, we arrived in Bushnell, Fl. on Wednesday and checked into Sumter Oaks Escapees Park.  Escapees is a club of people owning some form of RV that, among other things, sponsors a few parks around the country.  This park is showing it’s age but the people are friendly, the rates are low, and the weather is certainly warmer than up north.

Sand Hill Cranes outside our coach

Now some people stay north in the cold weather because of work commitments, etc.  Others stay because they don’t have a place to stay in the warmer climates.  But what is to be made of a couple of retired adults who have a home in the north and a recently purchased condo in the sunny south?  Below is a scene from I-90 outside Erie last week.

Looks pretty inviting, doesn’t it.  Well, the retired adults mentioned live just a few miles north of that highway and that is where they were on that day.  At the same time, further to the south, their new condo has the hurricane shutters drawn tight, providing much needed protection from the warm breeze from the Gulf of Mexico.

You may find the above picture easier on the eyes as blue sky apparently shows better in pictures than white out conditions!  Maybe the Miano’s just love the cold, who knows!

We spent two days visiting parks in the Tampa area looking for a good spot to move to for the winter.  Most of the parks listed themselves as RV parks but were almost totally filled with permanent park models jammed tightly together.  We saved our final stop for what was certainly the nicest park, Holiday Cove RV Resort, just a half mile from the beach at Anna Maria Island.  They were very booked but had a cancellation that day and we were able to reserve a spot for two weeks this month and for the month of February.  The park is small but very up-scale.  It’s more than we usually pay, but it’s our retirement treat as we enjoy a long stay in a beautiful area near the beach.

Above is the site we will occupy for the last two weeks of December.  Note the lights behind the picnic table.  They are on a dock that comes with the site.  The only problem is we don’t have a boat!  But it was the only site available so if you are in the Bradenton area, feel free to tie up with us.  If you exit the park, walk about three fourths of a mile, this is what you find.

After the two weeks in Bradenton, we will move back north to the town where we are now, Bushnell, but to a new RV park just north of town to a nice site we have already picked out.  We stay there until the last week of January when we move to Lazydays, a big RV park outside Tampa, to attend two back to back motorhome rallies.  Then it’s back down to Bradenton for February.  We plan to stay in the area for spring training in March but are unsure just where.  Wow, this retirement thing is hard work!  But as someone said, somebody has to do it!

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2 Responses to “Cool” Florida

  1. Deb Dominick says:

    I have you know that I enjoyed a brisk walk this afternoon in 28 degree weather, with a fairly howling wind! My face was numb by the time I got to Wetzel’s. Bet you can’t do that on your beach!

    Is Savannah a place that you recommend? It is on Joe’s short list, and I concur, but not in summer.


  2. placestheygo says:

    It was only 28 this morning in Bushnell (50 miles north of Tampa). Brrrr . . .

    But it is going to warm up to the 70s at the end of the week when we move south to Bradenton Beach ! ! !

    We really liked Savannah. It is a beautiful city with many neat sights to see and restaurants. You’re right about the summer. We stopped here a few years ago in July on the motorcycle and thought we would melt. We got an AC room for the night and left the next morning. Of course, the heat is a bit worse when sitting astride a very hot engine on a motorcycle. It would have been a bit more tolerable in an air conditioned car. But do make sure you visit Savannah at some point.

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