Enjoying a New Ride

Boulder City, NV

For many years before we retired we enjoyed touring the country on a 1999 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic.  When we went full time in the motorhome, we purchased a trailer that would accommodate the bike and a car (front wheels on the trailer, rear wheels on the road).

We enjoyed the bike but found that we were not riding it much during our travels.  We also found that using the trailer was a bit of a hassle (take the car off, take the bike off, move the hitch to the car, move the trailer, etc.).  So in 2012 we sold the bike and trailer and bought our Jeep.  We always wanted a Jeep but since the manufacturer states not to tow a Wrangler with two wheels off the pavement, we couldn’t have one.  Once the bike and trailer were sold we were off to the Jeep dealer.  While we missed the bike, we loved the Jeep and the ease of towing it.

But we always said that if we ever bought another house, we would buy another bike.  When we bought the house in Boulder City recently, we decided to wait until the Fall to look for one since we would be traveling all summer (and will not take the bike with the motorhome).  But remember how quickly we found this house the first day we looked?  The same thing happened with the bike.  We were driving through Boulder City on our way to one of those chain coffee shops headquartered in Seattle when what do we see parked in an empty lot with a For Sale sign on it?  The exact bike we were looking to purchase in the Fall.  The next day we met with the seller (also a Boulder City resident) and struck a deal.  After a fun visit to the Nevada DMV for registration and four days from the time we first saw it, we were touring the shores of Lake Mead on our new ride!

It’s a 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic, almost identical (except the color and some improvements made by H-D) to the one we previously owned.

Our first ride on the new bike was along the west side of Lake Mead on Lakeshore Road.  This road runs for 14 miles from US 93 near Boulder City (and Hoover Dam) to an intersection where it becomes Lake Mead Parkway.  Continue on the parkway and you end up in Henderson.  We turned right and headed north on  Northshore Road (NV 168), which continues north another 55 miles to the small town of Overton, 10 miles south of its termination at I-15.

The road to Overton is one of the nicest motorcycle rides we have ever done.  The smooth road winds its way through colorful hills with stunning views all along the way.

Our goal was to visit Valley of Fire State Park, south of Overton, to do some hiking.  But rain clouds to the north made us change our plans and stop at Redstone Trailhead,  a small area of red rocks with a paved parking area and picnic area (with toilets).

We hiked the half mile loop trail that goes around a major formation of red sandstone.

Looking west from the trail

A little wildlife along the trail

Friends, Steve and Joan (FOSJ), are nearing the end of their volunteer assignment at nearby Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  Since they also have a motorcycle, we contacted them and arranged a ride up the same roads on Sunday, this time continuing all the way north to Overton for breakfast.

We took a short break at Redstone, where we had hiked two days earlier

Although we had ridden this route just two days earlier, the scenery is so stunning you could drive it every day and see something new every trip.

After a couple of days riding our new toy it was time to get some work completed.  The motorhome was in need of some cleaning, as it had not been washed since January.  With no significant rain since then the dust was building up.  Then we had driven on some wet roads leaving Bluff, which always sprays dirt all over the sides.  The roof over our RV space is not quite high enough to comfortably wash the roof of the RV (unless you enjoy crawling on hands and knees) so we pulled the motorhome out to the street so John could get up there with the hose.

With the front wheels at the curb the back is still just under the cover, so a little crawling is needed to get up on top.

Once the roof was washed, we put the motorhome back under the roof so John could wash the rest of it out of the bright sunlight.  Some extensive cleaning is now on the schedule as we prepare for our upcoming summer travels.

But until then we will still find time to explore the area, with some hiking and biking on the agenda.  More on that later . . .

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39 Responses to Enjoying a New Ride

  1. Joan says:

    I drove through part of the park when we left this morning but I finally told Steve I was done. I wanted one last look at the park and all I can do when driving is look at the road and mirrors! See you guys in October.

  2. That is one nice looking bike! Your incredible timing with all of this continues to amaze me. I sorta feel like you should buy a Powerball ticket or something…. 😃

  3. cindy pond says:

    Amazing bike — looks like you guys will be touring forever! And you even have a little storage for a lunch pail. Love it! Have fun. So glad that you are enjoying your new digs.

  4. georgeyates says:

    Enjoy your new tour looks awesome!

  5. exploRVistas says:

    Love the color of your new ride! Very similar to the color of our Escape. 🙂

  6. Laurel says:

    Congratulations on your new bike! How fun that your first outing was one of the best rides you’ve ever done. Seems like you couldn’t be in a better place for beautiful and peaceful motorcycle adventures!

  7. The cards have fallen in the right place for you guys–very happy for you! Enjoy!

  8. Sherry says:

    I think everything is SO falling into place for you two. I’d advise that you take a ride up to Las Vegas and play some slots or at the least buy a lottery ticket. What beautiful scenery to ride through on that fancy bright red Harley. David had a sportster when I met him. He’d love yours for sure.

  9. Jeff Pierce says:

    Oh my … Now that’s the way to enjoy those long stretches of scenic desert roads. A very nice score, Boulder City is certainly being great for you.

  10. Sue says:

    Love the color of your new bike. From a non-biker point of view we always appreciate it when a bike is brightly colored. It’s so darn hard to see the black ones on the road, bright is much safer!
    I liked the photo taken from the back of the motorhome while it is still under the cover. I can see how well it fits from that angle! Agreed…..you two need to buy a lottery ticket!

  11. Gay says:

    So totally awesome when things fall into place. Just like you we towed a bike the first couple of years when we started RVing. Beautiful country you have there to explore.

  12. Steve & Dianne Colibaba says:

    Congrats on your new ride! Things have certainly come together nicely for you guys.

  13. Fun, fun, fun! Looks like you guys are settling right in to your new lifestyle!

  14. Jim and Barb says:

    Love the new ride! I used to have an Ultra Classic and Barb had a Sportster. If I ever get another bike it will be another Ultra love how they ride and how comfortable they are!

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, Jim! We started with a Sportster which was too small for the highway, then moved to a Dyna Glide a couple months later. After renting a Classic when we were on a Fly and Ride out west, we (I) couldn’t return to the uncomfortable Dyna. I wanted a recliner seat. I was spoiled! So within eight months we had three motorcycles.

  15. LuAnn says:

    That is one sweet-looking ride! I can only imagine the breathtaking scenery you will find during your travels. Enjoy!

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, LuAnn, it is a great bike. We really lucked out finding a motorcycle so well cared for. This is the only way to totally take in the beautiful scenery in the west.

      • LuAnn says:

        I remember the first time we rode through Oak Creek Canyon on our bikes in the fall. It was so much better than driving in a car.

  16. geogypsy2u says:

    I love how you folks have such wonderful luck and rarely do things in a small way. I too could do that ride everyday, especially under those amazing skies. I always whiz past Redstone but won’t next time.

    • placestheygo says:

      Haha! We don’t think too long on things, do we Gaelyn! Next time you go by make sure you stop and take in Redstone. It is a short and sweet hike with so many spectacular rock features to discover along the way.

  17. Sue says:

    The internet is a bit slow here and so I just noticed the new Header photo! Wonderful!

  18. Vince Guido says:

    Hey Pam (and John),

    Congrats on the new Bike! I didn’t realize Boulder City was as next to Vegas until this past weekend. I hope you two visit The Coffee Cup regularly – loved their breakfast. I was in BC this past Sunday for a day of hiking around Lake Mead. Now that I know you are there, I will give you a buzz next time I am planning a visit to the area. Happy to see you both enjoy yourselves.

  19. Ron Howes says:

    We’ve given you a link from our homepage today at http://www.global-air.com . We’re at our Minnesota lake cabin for a while after a 5,000 mile trip to the Southwest for 2 months, hope to be back on the road soon. http://www.mytripjournal.com/ronandhazel

  20. Nancy says:

    It’s so nice seeing you settling into your new home! And now a new ride!

  21. Debbie L says:

    Nice ride!!! Amazing hikes and scenery. We do miss ours. You can really appreciate the view on a bike!

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