Hiking up Black Butte – Bend, OR

Bend, OR

Black Butte is an inactive volcano 5.5 miles west of the little town of Sisters, which is 18 miles northwest of Bend.

Black Butte, Oregon.jpg

Black Butte looks young, as it is barely eroded.  Mt. Washington, which is visible from the summit of Black Butte, looks much more eroded and older.  But Black Butte is significantly older than Mt. Washington which was eroded by glaciers.  Black Butte is east of the Cascade crest and does not receive enough precipitation to support glaciers, so erosion is minimal.

A steep but scenic trail climbs two miles to the panoramic summit, gaining 1,600 feet of elevation.  The trail begins to gain in elevation right from the start and doesn’t level out until you are on the summit.

Two of the many balsamroot flowers on the trail

Two of the Three Sisters and Broken Top come into view as we climb

The fire tower on the summit was build in 1995 to replace an older one that collapsed.

The building in the photo below was constructed in 1924 and served as living quarters and lookout until 1979.  A sign near it states that it will be remodeled in the near future.

Mt. Jefferson on the left, Mt. Hood in the distance on the right

Lunch with a view (Mt. Washington)

Heading down with Broken Top and the Sisters in the distance

Three Fingered Jack in the distance

The trail is lined with white serviceberry bushes

The long slog up to the summit was a real leg-burner for us (especially after a 7.5 mile hike the day before).  But the views from the top made it all worthwhile!

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12 Responses to Hiking up Black Butte – Bend, OR

  1. Another great hike with spectacular views!

  2. Sue says:

    Beautiful views. Love that shirt John! Thanks for the age explanation, things aren’t always as they seem.

  3. Love those wide open views! And no snow…

  4. We did that trail, too, and would agree it was a tough one, even without a 7.5 mile hike the previous day! Wonder when they will ever get around to restoring the cupola building.

  5. joannie6535 says:

    Love the mountain views.

  6. Laurel says:

    That is a LOT of elevation gain in two miles! I’d say it was definitely a strenuous hike. The views were a great reward. Hope you had treats at the top. :-))

  7. pmbweaver says:

    The views are outrageous! Another first-class hike!

  8. LuAnn says:

    I love all the mountain peaks in and around Bend. That certainly was a special “lunch with a view”.

  9. rommel says:

    Starting at the bottom, then ending to the top. Ohhh, makes me want to just fly. 🙂 Very nice height pics.

  10. colibabas says:

    Oregon sure has a lot to offer if you love the outdoors. Awesome views!

  11. geogypsy2u says:

    I am so impressed by the hikes you two accomplish. That was quite a climb, but oh those views.

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