A Boat Ride on Lake Powell

Page, AZ

While we do have great views of Lake Powell from our site at Wahweap RV Park, the best way to really experience the beauty of the lake is by boat.  With this in mind Dave and Sue did some research and found we could rent a decent pontoon boat at Antelope Point Marina.  So early Monday morning the four of us headed out to the marina for a day on the lake.

A brief orientation before heading out to the high seas (OK, a low lake)

The crew keeps a keen eye for other vessels as we ease out of the dock

The tour boat captain kept a sharp look-out for any problems

We were surprised when told the boat had its own toilet.  If you look just behind the captain in the photo above, you’ll see a flat blue platform.  Raise that up and you have a nice private area to sit and read a magazine!  Fortunately, we were well prepared and didn’t need the facility (is this TMI?)

We headed north on the lake enjoying the calm water and beautiful scenery.

We spent some time looking for the entrance to Face Canyon where we thought we might be able to hike into a slot canyon.  But the map, created when the lake was full, does not match the shoreline we were looking at with the water currently almost a hundred feet below capacity.  So after a bit we beached the boat on the shore to explore a bit and enjoy lunch.

John works to pull the boat up on the shore

We hiked up over the rocks above the boat and found a nearby canyon that widened into a small lake.

That’s John on the right

Our private picnic area

When we were approaching the shore, we spotted a yellow golf ball in the water.  Once on the shore we discovered a number of them in the sand.  Someone apparently was hitting balls off of a house boat on to the shore.  Littering can take many forms!

Golf balls on the shore

Dave takes in the view

Our lunch spot from out in the lake

We returned to the boat and headed up the canyon we had discovered.  But it soon became too narrow for the boat and the low lake water made a hike too difficult.

The canyon narrows . . .

. . . so we headed back out to the lake

The crew continues to monitor our progress

We then headed back down the lake and turned into Navajo Canyon.  The high walls of the canyon were filled with interesting patterns in the rock varnish.

A tour boat passed us as we went further into the canyon.  The boat stopped along the wall of the canyon for a few minutes while the passengers gazed up at the canyon wall.  After they moved on we went to that location but couldn’t see anything special.  We did, however, enjoy the patterns on the rocks above us.

The tour boat idles against the canyon wall

After exploring Navajo Canyon it was time to head back to the dock.  The wind began to increase as we made our way back, making us appreciate the calm weather we had experienced most of the day.

Heading for home

We returned to the dock tired but pleased with this adventure.  Lake Powell has to be one of the most beautiful places we have experienced in our travels!

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30 Responses to A Boat Ride on Lake Powell

  1. Jane says:

    There’s something magical about being on the water. What a lovely different perspective of the lake.

  2. Jeff says:

    Ah you are doing it right! We put the RV on the ferry to cross Lake Powell but did not take the time to enjoy the ulta-low water levels. Are going to Rainbow Bridge? It’s on my bucket list!

  3. Sue says:

    It was a magical day, slot canyon or no slot canyon……just wonderful, thanks so much for sharing the day with us.

  4. The lake looked so peaceful and a great way to spend a day with great friends. Can you kayak there?

  5. Well I think we’ll be doing that next year! Beautiful scenery. Would love to spend the night on the water.

  6. atravelingb says:

    Beautiful photos! Lake Powell has always been somewhere I have wanted to visit. We are heading to the Utah National Parks in August, but not sure we will have time to fit it in. We will need to head back another time!

  7. Gee, just think. When the polar icecaps melt all of the four corner states could look like that… and Nevada, too. What an improvement for that state.
    Box Canyon Mark

  8. Gay says:

    So pretty and peaceful looking! The reflections are awesome!

  9. Larry says:

    Good way to spend the day – wow on the water being down 100 ft, hopefully this season’s snow will help out a some.

  10. montanaclarks says:

    We took a boat tour one time on Lake Powell, it is beautiful!

  11. And another thing on my bucket list. My husband said they took a houseboat on Powell when he was a kid. They were filling it at that time. It might be at the same level now as it was then.

  12. We’ve rented pontoon boats a few times and it’s always such a different perspective to see things from the water rather than looking at the water from shore. What a great day you had!

  13. pmbweaver says:

    Another outstanding header photo!
    I have seen that tour captain many places on your posts. He wears many many different hats.
    TMI…yes…hehe But I know I would have had to us it for sure.

    Oh my gosh…those reflection photos could win an award. They are gorgeous. I just keep looking at them.

    Gorgeous canyon walls! I does look like one the most beautiful places! Got it on my Pinterest

  14. Laurel says:

    How beautiful! Your photos are wonderful. And how lucky you were to have such calm seas for most of your tour. 🙂 We’re planning to get our kayak out on the water when we’re there in May — we won’t be able to cover near as many miles as you did, though. Maybe we should think about a pontoon boat instead.

  15. Ah, Lake Powell. We’ve house-boated there twice. Once pulling our own 21 ft. boat in tow. Our two Labs were in the “toad” boat…asleep. We were SO excited looking forward at the beautiful scenery when a guy pulled up along side us waving. We waved back. He came closer and shouted “You lost your boat about a half-mile back!”. In shock, we turned to look back and way off in the distance, we saw two Lab heads bobbing in the boat which was itself bobbing on the Lake. All ended well. 🙂

  16. Jim and Barb says:

    That looked like a really cool day, we will have to look into that next time we are in the area!

  17. geogypsy2u says:

    Glad you got out onto the Lake. Your boat rental was the same I was on in 2011 when I went to Rainbow Bridge. It is an amazing landscape.

  18. Sherry says:

    It is an amazing landscape and your pictures are stunning. Just imagine what it must have looked like before they drowned what I understand was one of the most beautiful canyons in the west, Glen Canyon, to create Lake Powell.

  19. Not TMI, it’s great you had a toilet! Lovely colors and reflections out there!

  20. Jodee Gravel says:

    SO wonderful, love that peaceful water with the reflections. Pretty fancy having an on-board loo! Glad you had a hard working crew and competent captain 🙂 As much as we’re loving the desert, we’re definitely missing the water.

  21. Sheila says:

    Being a crew member looks like hard work! HeeHee! Gorgeous reflection photos!!

  22. libertatemamo says:

    Looks just lovely. We never took a boat on the water when we were there and I kinda regretted it. It really looks the perfect way to see the remote areas. Next time!

  23. Nancy says:

    That was truly amazing! Another must for us. THANK YOU for sharing!

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