La Sal Mtn. Loop – Fisher Towers Hike

Moab, UT

There has been  a bit of rain in eastern Utah lately, making hiking or traveling Jeep roads impossible on some days.  So one day we picked up David, Karen, and Cody for a ride into the nearby La Sal Mountains on the scenic paved La Sal Loop Road.

The mountains were covered with a thick layer of clouds and as we gained elevation it began to snow!

A snowy windshield

A local sentinel keeps an eye on us as we pass by

Cody seemed to love the snow

When the skies finally cleared, we headed about fifteen miles north of Moab to hike around the base of an area known as Fisher Towers.

A cloud lingers over Fisher Towers

The hike is a bit over five miles round trip and takes you slowly up and around the base of the towers.

David, Cody, and Karen hit the trail

One of the most famous spots in Fisher Towers is a rock peak called Ancient Arts.  It is a favorite spot for rock climbers and was made famous in a 2012 credit card commercial out a few years ago where a girl climbs up and stands at the top while circled by a helicopter.  Check it out here.

We stopped to rest under Ancient Arts, hoping to see climbers on top.  But we were a bit disappointed that the peak appeared to be deserted.  As we rested John went on up the trail.  We didn’t think anything of it until a few minutes later when one of the group took a zoom picture of the top of the peak.  Wow, how did he do it?

Once John returned to the group we continued up the trail.  At one point a ladder helps you get down the rocks to cross a wash.  Ladders are a bit difficult for some hikers, especially the four-legged kind, so Cody needed a bit of assistance.

But the rest of the group were able to get down the ladder without any help.

On a large boulder we discovered that we were at the end of the trail.  We knew that because of the succinct  message on the sign.

The views from the top were beautiful.

Five sets of feet for “Lunch With a View”


On the way back down the trail there was a great opportunity to recreate the famous scene from The Lion King.

One of the participants appears to be a bit more enthusiastic than the other!

The sheer cliffs of the towers provided great scenes as we hiked back down the trail.

At one point the trail goes right along the base of those towers.

Just after re-crossing the wash with the ladder, we passed two girls hiking up the trail with a pretty big dog.  We informed them about the ladder in front of them and were able to watch them go down it from our location down the trail.  After a few attempts to go around the ladder, they finally were able to get the big pooch down.

While we watched that action, Cody took the opportunity to enjoy a brief rest in the shade.

Cody hiked the entire five miles with no problem but he looked a bit exhausted on the car ride back to town.  So it looks like a Jeep trip might be our next adventure to give the little hiker a rest.

More on that later . . .

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18 Responses to La Sal Mtn. Loop – Fisher Towers Hike

  1. RJRVtravels says:

    The beauty of Southern Utah is awe inspiring and a great place for adventure. Very Cool!

  2. Really, really really beautiful. Cant wait for our turn to be there. The lunch with a view is at the top of awesomeness. (if there is such a word ). I think you guys are like the postman, no rain nor snow will stop you from hiking!
    So did John attempt to mimic the commercial and be at the top? 🙂

  3. Erin says:

    You’re not alone with the rain … got quite a bit here; but luckily no snow. That scenery is worth every step.

  4. pmbweaver says:

    Gorgeous photos.

    We remember that trail very well. That is where we got in the terrible thunderstorm. The Ranger at the visitor’s center that the weather was great. Right! Once the big storm hit, he even came out on the trail to find out if we were OK. We were tucked under one of low rocks. Mighty slippery after the rain. I remember those ladders. Glad there was no water in that wash.

    Looks like another fabulous hike for you four…I mean five. lol

  5. THat’s another one to Pin for this coming fall! Those towers are fantastic! John sure is talented…I never knew he was a rock climber! 😉

  6. Laurel says:

    Not only is Cody a good hiking companion, but he’s turning out to be a great photo prop! Your “Lunch With A View” group shot with those furry paws made me laugh out loud. Way to go, John (hehe). You almost had me believing you were up there on that pinnacle!

  7. Jim and Barb says:

    Great photos! It looks like Cody was a trooper hiking the entire trail and cooperating for your pictures. Daisy was less than cooperative when we took hers on the ledge but we managed to get a few. The views are very impressive, looks like a beautiful place!

  8. Gay says:

    The LaSals looked beautiful!
    And Fisher Towers is a must do! what a champ Cody is…

  9. Sue says:

    Some of those scenery pictures look like chamber of commerce postcards! You all look like you’re having a real ball. I’m so glad that John overcame his fear of heights to scale that pinnacle. We’ll expect to see more of his exploits now.

    I have a friend who had a wonderful old Golden Retriever (also named Cody) that was so terribly attached to her that when she went up onto the garage roof to check the venting, he clambered up the ladder up to get to her! She had quite a job getting him down!

  10. Sheila says:

    Just love the five sets of feet, especially the furry pair! What fun yawl had and in such gorgeous territory. Beautiful photos! Enjoyed seeing the sentinel!! Happy Hiking guys!!

  11. colibabas says:

    Including Cody in the foot shot was cute. Great photos!

  12. Ingrid says:

    Fisher Towers never ceases to awe me. We haven’t attempted that hike yet but it’s on our list. Love the ‘lunch with a view’ photo with Cody’s paw’s included…. way too cute 🙂

  13. Sherry says:

    Rain rain here too. Those are just fantastic photographs. What a great hike. The colors in the views are just amazing. Love your 5 pairs of paws picture. No lunch? Really enjoyed this hike just wish I could have been along. We ran into The End signs on a couple of trails in Capital Reef. Love it!

  14. LuAnn says:

    We cannot wait to get to Utah. Just may have to move it up on our list. Perhaps we can twist a couple arms to join us when we go. Know anyone who might be interested hiking in the red rocks? Spectacular views! I particularly like your lunch image with those furry paws part of the action. 🙂

  15. Kristeen says:

    Love your take to recreate the famous scene – wink – much better to reach!
    I am a Newbie, here and enjoying your travels and your photos..

  16. pam says:

    You’ve been hitting every place on my list, are you guys psychic? Great shots!

  17. This is great photo log of your hike which I’m now beginning to think of as “The Adventures of Cody.” He’s a trooper!

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