A Second Visit to the Bowl of Fire

Boulder City, NV

Last weekend we hiked into an area along Lake Mead called the Bowl of Fire.  We had a great time exploring the area with two other couples: Leigh & Brian and Becky & Andrew.  But this is too large an area to cover in one hike, so later in the week we drove back to the same spot to do some more exploring.

Driving the Callville Wash Road to the trailhead

A short distance up the wash we came upon a boulder blocking the trail.  Not to be denied, the nimble hiker quickly grabbed the stone, hoisted it in the air and . . .

. . . deposited it on a nearby rock pile.  Thanks to her effort we were able to continue our journey up the wash.

This is a hike where there really is no prescribed trail.  You basically chose a path in the wash and follow it.  Spot something interesting above you?  Climb up the sandstone and explore.  There are beautiful rock formations all around you.  So for the rest of this blog let’s look at some of the rocks.  Tired of pictures of rocks?  Then you may want to stop here and check out something else, like here.


Remember, if you go up . . .

. . . then you’ll have to come down!

Rock slide?

Photo-bombed again!

While we only hiked a total of about four miles, it was all in a sandy wash or climbing up and down rock formations, so it seemed a great deal longer.  But the colors are alive through most of the trek, so we had a great time in the Bowl of Fire.  We’ve been here twice and it is so large we could spend many more hours exploring here, but there are other areas we need to explore around Lake Mead during our final week in Boulder City.

More on that later . . .

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19 Responses to A Second Visit to the Bowl of Fire

  1. Oh my gosh, girlfriend. You HAVE been working out!
    Those rock formations are awesome. I love the swirl in the rock.
    Looks like a great workout for four miles. Glad you two are having a great time in Boulder.

  2. Sherry says:

    What a gorgeous place. NEVER too many red rocks. And boy look at those muscles you are sporting to toss that boulder. I definitely have to visit here. I’d be like a kid in a candy store. Where to go next, which thing to see, to climb……..

  3. How can you ever get tired of looking at rocks? Especially red rocks!

  4. jcgc50 says:

    We will definitely check that out when we’re there. It’s looking like we won’t make it before you leave. One of these days we will meet!!

  5. Sorry, my comment above was published through Jim’s WordPress account so didn’t have our names and blog.

  6. Laurel says:

    Haha, you guys are hilarious! Bombardiers, really? I’d much rather be looking at photos of red rocks! Looks like your lunch spot was a bit crowded, eh? And did you change clothes mid-hike, Pam? 🙂

  7. LuAnn says:

    I definitely want to hike in the Bowl of Fire. You two never cease to amaze me!

  8. Im never tired of rocks! I did not know you have that much strength Pam! Is that the result from all your hiking! Very creative.

  9. Rick Doyle says:

    What beautiful photos of all those red-rock formations. That sure looked like a very rigorous hike, you guys are obviously in great shape to be able to do that. Strong too to be able to hoist that massive boulder over your head and toss it off the road!!!

  10. Jodee Gravel says:

    More wonderful desert beauty! How fun to be able to make your own trails – and scrambles through the boulders……can’t wait to see what else you find 🙂

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