Living on Animal Farm

Geneseo, NY

We have spent a couple of late afternoons enjoying “happy hour” and dinner at Dave and Sue’s beautiful home outside Geneseo.  They have a great property with a beautiful house built in 1824, along with a couple of barns and fields.  It is a perfect place to enjoy viewing wild life and their two dogs roaming in a large fenced yard.

Lewis on the left, Sasha on the right

Sasha is feeling her age so only enjoys a stroll in the yard occasionally, but Lewis is a ball of energy.  Throw something into the yard and he will race out to retrieve it.  This activity will continue until you decide to stop.  There may be a point where Lewis quits, but we did not have the stamina to reach that point, if it does exist.

One afternoon we were seated on the porch watching a thunderstorm rumble through the area.  At one point, during a period of heavy rain, Sue spotted a deer standing in the nearby pasture.  We commented that it was odd that the deer would stand in the open field during a heavy rain with thunder, rather than seek the safety of the woods.

As we watched, John spotted what looked like the bushy tail of a squirrel near the deer.  Suddenly, something rose out of the grass and scampered toward the deer.

Wow, no wonder the deer had not bolted during the rain.  She was giving birth!  The little fawn at first staggered a bit, but soon gained steady footing and began to move quickly around the mother.  After a short time both headed for the gate and moved off into the nearby woods.  What a treat to watch this!

A couple of days later we were in the kitchen ready to sit down to a meal.  Pam looked out the window and commented that the fake turtle on the walk looked almost real.   Both Dave and Sue commented that they didn’t have a fake turtle in their yard!  At first Pam thought that they were just teasing (apparently living with John made her a bit wary of this type of prank) and didn’t believe them.  But when the turtle’s head moved from side to side she knew it wasn’t a fake.

A quick check in Google revealed the visitor to be a large adult snapping turtle (emphasis on the word large!).

The turtle sat on the walk for a few minutes then slowly (after all, it is a turtle) began crawling under the nearby fence.  Dave and Sue feared it was looking for a place to give birth (hey, it just happened with a deer, didn’t it!) so Dave decided to relocate the visitor in a nearby field with a pond near by.   Snapping turtles are not very pleasant, so with care Dave used a hoe to pull it out from under the fence and John scooped it up with a coal shovel.

The angry fellow was tenderly placed (OK, dumped, who can be tender with an angry snapping turtle?) into a trash can for the ride to her (his?) new home.

After a short but angry ride in the can, the visitor was deposited in a field where she quickly (for a turtle) moved into the weeds.

Wow, dogs and deer and turtles.  This place is like a zoo!

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23 Responses to Living on Animal Farm

  1. Laurel says:

    What a gorgeous place to be hanging out — the fawn is adorable!

  2. The joys of living on a farm/ranch/rural plot of land! 😉 Who needs parks when you’ve got it all at home?!?! What a neat visit you guys have had.

  3. Sue says:

    We aim to please!

  4. Quite the menagerie you have there! Hope the turtle appreciated all that effort to get him a better home.

  5. Ingrid says:

    My kind of zoo. The fawn is too precious. 🙂

  6. Sherry says:

    Wow this is a great campsite you have there. I see you are doing just a little bit of work camping – turtle relocation and canine exercise.

  7. Nice captures – photos and trash can. I hope she got over it!

  8. Amanda says:

    What an adventure! I love the photos of the tiny baby deer 🙂 How lucky that you got to see it. Good idea to put the turtle in the can. Those guys (or gals) can be mean!

  9. Gay says:

    What an awesome visit! And spring is the perfect time to be there. What a treat you had seeing the fawn…not sure about the turtle.

  10. Deb says:

    What? No turtle soup? It is a southern York County staple from way back.

  11. LuAnn says:

    What’s the expression, it’s not what you know but who you know? You two obviously know the right people! Dave and Sue’s property looks so inviting. What a treat for you to see the deer giving birth. We were fortunate to see this in Yellowstone with elk.

  12. pmbweaver says:

    What an awesome experience to see a deer being born. What are the chances of that? Slim to none I would say.

    How nice of the boys to help the expecting mother. I don’t think I would want to wait around for her to deliver the little one. It probably was a very s-l-o-w process. 🙂

    Their place is fabulous. I know why you aren’t in any hurry to leave. Keep enjoying the good life.

  13. Jodee Gravel says:

    Such unique entertainment provided in a lovely setting! With happy hours and good friends I think you’ve landed in a little piece of heaven. I’m sure Louis agrees that throwing the ball a million times is the proper fee to pay :-).

  14. Erin says:

    How special to see a newborn animal of any kind. We had a similar experience with a llama in Machu Picchu. The guards had cordoned off an area so visitors could see from a distance as mama nudged the newborn to its feet.

  15. Pam says:

    Fun post. I can just picture Lewis and the ball throwing, the special event you witnessed with the fawn, and you and Dave relocating the turtle. I haven’t seen a snapper that size since my childhood days in the Midwest. The best part of the story was Pam thinking the turtle was yard art. Sue must have been pretty surprised to find this gal in the yard. You are lucky to be enjoying this special property before it has new owners.

  16. Its like living in a wild park. I would love to see the doe giving birth. This is what life is all about, slow life in the wild life.

  17. frankeeg says:

    In another life I had three poodles at one time or another. One was black. If I ever had another dog my option would be for a poodle as they do not shed hair and would be welcome in my house (even welcome in my motorhome). My wife just returned from visiting the grandchildren and they have a black Labrador who sheds at least of small bowl of hair every day.

  18. libertatemamo says:

    Those Banks are an animalistic lot 🙂 glad you’re getting into the “wilds” out there in NY.


  19. Wow, the fawn is just beautiful, what an experience! And the snapping turtle is way cool. What a beautiful place.

  20. Enjoying your western NY travels. Abbotts even 🙂

  21. Bob and Jo says:

    That big of a turtle is definitely at least a 2 person job.

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