A Taste of “Homeowner’s Springtime Blues” in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

After a great two weeks of golfing in Ashburn, GA, we headed north to Atlanta for a visit with our son, Kevin.  We had volunteered to help him with some spring lawn work for a few days and soon were reminded of two important adages:

1. Never volunteer! (they teach you that in the army)

2. Owning a house is a great deal of work (the memory of this had faded in us after four years in the motorhome).

Upon arrival at Kevin’s, he presented us with our own personal copy of a “to-do” list.  Holy S***, most of the tasks involve digging in the dirt or painting!  We tried to quickly come up with an excuse to get out of this dilemma but it was too late, we were committed (anyone who gets themselves into this situation deserves to be committed!).  So early the next morning (OK, it was just after lunch!) we headed for our first (of many) visit to Home Depot to buy some plants and rent a power washer.  Our primary task was to clean and paint the lattice cover over the drive and front porch.  Kevin had cut down the small amount of vines covering the front of this monster while we rented the power washer.  Once we returned, Kevin and then John enjoyed a few fun-filled hours spraying water into the air and feeling it blow back on top of them.


While the lattice was drying there is no rest for the weary.  We spent the remainder of the day planting and mulching.  The fun just went on and on and on and . . .  you get the idea.

The next day the fun really began!  It was up the ladder, paint what can be reached, down the ladder, move a few feet, then repeat.

A couple of rainy days interspersed in the process slowed us down a bit, but we did finally complete most of the tasks on the list before leaving Atlanta.  It was hard work but the front of Kevin’s house really looks nice, so our efforts were not in vain.

This morning we drove about three hours north to Gaffney, SC where we will have four new tires installed on the motorhome tomorrow at the Freightliner Service Center.  We replaced the front two tires about a year and a half ago but the rear four tires are approaching seven years of age, so it is time for new ones.  We have had the motorhome serviced here many times and have found the Freightliner Service Center here does excellent work, which is why we wanted them to change out the tires.  They will install the tires but do not sell them so they gave us recommendations for where to buy the tires, then have them dropped off at the Freightliner Center.  A few weeks ago John called the first dealer on the list to order the tires.  After searching for a view of the dealer on Google Maps and talking with Bill, the owner, on the phone he wasn’t real confident in Broad River Tire Service, but since Freightliner recommended them and we hadn’t paid any money, we decided to just go to Gaffney and see what happened.

After arriving at the service center just before noon and getting the motorhome parked in their customer lot, we headed out to find Broad River Tire to check out our purchase and pay the bill.  The very nice receptionist at the service center warned us that the place was not much to look at (but she assured us they were very nice, dependable people).  Boy was she right about that.

Broad River Tire

If you look closely at the front door you can just read the sign that says “No Food.”  No problem with that as there was no way we would eat anything out of this place!  From the look of the stainless steel sink sitting outside by the front door at one time this was a restaurant.

The view to the right of Broad River Tire

A sign on the door said that if the door was locked to call a phone number listed on the sign.  Of course the door was locked when we arrived so we called the number.  When Bill answered, he said someone would be there in 15-20 minutes.  After almost a half hour two guys finally showed up and, after John checked the DOT number (shows the date of manufacture) we paid for the tires.  They will be dropped off at the service center this afternoon and Freightliner will install them tomorrow morning.  We’ll stay overnight in their lot then continue our trek north on Saturday.

More on that later . . .


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33 Responses to A Taste of “Homeowner’s Springtime Blues” in Atlanta

  1. Are you sure it was just tires you were buying? It all sounds a bit shifty to me! Good result on your son’s house. Shame you aren’t there to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

    • placestheygo says:

      Haha! It sure looks a little shady for sure.

      We did get to see the improvement after our painting. Everything had one coat; that was our goal. Not all of it needs a second coat but we did get see how improved the entire area is.

  2. Whenever we discuss settling down somewhere and Jim suggests looking at houses I remind him of how much he hated yard work and home improvement. I think renting sounds like a better idea at this point in our lives!

    • placestheygo says:

      I know how much we didn’t enjoy yard work when we had our house. Every time we visit one of our children we are reminded of this. A condo sounds about right. I guess that’s one of the many reasons we enjoy the MH. So, Jim, don’t even go there!!

  3. Joan and Steve says:

    Isn’t there a saying, “when you play you pay”? Hope you have smooth sailing.

  4. pmbweaver says:

    What are you two complaint about. You had plenty of time to rest while it rained! Geesh…work two days, take off three. That is not a very good work ethic to teach the young. 😄

    On a serious note…I am sure Kevin appreciates all you are doing for him. He is even letting you get a good workout.

    Egads…I am not sure I would want to enter that place let alone eat in it!

  5. placestheygo says:

    We only had two rain days and one we did shrub shopping and the other I did REI, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s shopping. Kevin did appreciate our help for sure. That lattice was a huge job. It was a great workout.

  6. Sherry says:

    Luckily my daughter lives in a town house right now so there have been no requests for maintenance help – yet. She didn’t help much when she was at home so I think I’ll remind her of that. What goes around comes around?? LOL

  7. laurel says:

    We have a pergola in our backyard that’s three times the size of the one you were painting — we pressure washed, scraped, and painted it once and swore never again.I had a crick in my neck for weeks! Last year before we took off on our full-time lifestyle we PAID to have it scraped and painted (the darned thing needs to be redone about every decade). You are clearly incredibly generous parents!

    • placestheygo says:

      So, Laurel, you totally understand our pain. Thank goodness we didn’t need to scrape (there wasn’t enough paint left to scrape!) but a second coat of paint is needed. My idea from the start was to pay someone. Thank goodness we had perfect weather for painting blue sky, high 60’s, and extremely low humidity. Gotta look on the bright side:)

  8. That was quite a work out for different muscle groups! and you enjoyed it too! I sometimes missed puttering around the garden, just sometimes 🙂

    John, Steve will be calling you in a few days and asks about your experience with the new tires. We will be following your footsteps in a few weeks.

    • placestheygo says:

      Mona, we did work different muscles for sure. I don’t believe there was any enjoyment going on but we do know how much we don’t miss yard work.

      Steve call any time. We should have new tires on by noon today.

  9. As a single parent for many years, I sure appreciated it when my parents came to visit and helped with my “to do” list. Those are now some of the most precious memories I have of them as it was always such a generous gift of love.

    We had a large pergola too that was just starting to need paint for the first time when we sold the house. I think it was part of the reason Vic was anxious to sell the house and go full-time!

    • placestheygo says:

      We can understand why Vic wanted to sell BEFORE the painting:) We had a wonderful week with Kevin and he only got called to fly one day so our timing worked out well. It would have been an very long job for just one person. We were glad we were able to help get the big jobs accomplished for him.

  10. Gay says:

    That was quite generous of your time…..all kidding aside, I know you enjoyed your time with Kevin.
    I am always so relieved to have service done on the bus whether it’s new tires, or just the regular oil changes etc. and way relieved to know we are good to go without any added expenses!

    Enjoy your trek north…

  11. placestheygo says:

    We did enjoy our week with Kevin, Gay, and glad we were able to get his big projects under control. Three sure work faster than one.

  12. Rick Doyle says:

    What a lot of hard work you put in. I’m sure your son Kevin really appreciated it.
    That lattice painting job looked awful – I hate all painting but that looked especially painful.

  13. placestheygo says:

    The painting for the men was painful, Rick. They did the overhead boards from ladders. Having your arms in the air for hours hurts. All of our hands were slightly cramped from holding the roller and brush. I was the smart one and did anything the was reachable from the ground. It wasn’t fun but needed to be done. Glad we could help get it done a little quicker. Any outside work is just that…work! Love living in the MH!!

  14. LuAnn says:

    Wow, this brought back memories of last summer for us. We both shuddered as we read this. I think we still have what may be permanent aches and pains from all the physical labor. Although I really enjoyed gardening when I had a house, I can’t say I am “aching” to do it again. 😉

    • placestheygo says:

      So funny that you said that, LuAnn. At one point I did think about you and Terry and how long you stayed at your in-laws doing yard work. I tried to use that as motivation since I only had a week:)

      • LuAnn says:

        I am sure your son greatly appreciated your help. And you got to exercise some muscles you may have forgotten you had. 😉

  15. Erin says:

    One of the reasons we always lived in town houses was the minimal yard work required. Good job on all that work…I am sure it was much appreciated. We’re going to be in the market for new tires next year; will likely get the job done somewhere on this side of the country.

    • placestheygo says:

      Erin, this is also one of the reasons I have to live in a MH forever…haha! Yes, Kevin did much appreciate the work three people accomplished. It looked like a very overwhelming project for one. We were glad we were able to help out.

      John said if the tire thing hadn’t worked out here, we were going to wait til we got out west. But, thankfully, all went well despite the “different” tire place were we purchased the tires:)

  16. I always used to take the “low” jobs since I’m shorter, lol. Your son is lucky to have you. We do miss Home Depot sometimes, though.

    • placestheygo says:

      Haha! Brenda, we made SO many trips to Home Depot that John refused to go one last time. Every time we went it meant more work for us.

      Yes, being the shortest helped. I never offered to help with the overhead painting until we got to the little porch area over the door with a solid roof. I did that area. My only ladder trip.

  17. judy says:

    Not thinking you will be volunteering any time soon! 🙂 All your work looks great!

  18. rommel says:

    What fun you had with the house. i would trade those days with you. Only if I had nothing else to do, and I’m at least getting compensated for say even just for food. 😀 I just recently changed tire too. I hate paying things for my Cassandra. Sadly, they just had to be done.

  19. Allison says:

    You guys are studs! I HATE painting over my head. It’s so painful! Jim and I used to think we were RV’ing to find somewhere we’d want to buy another house. We’re beginning to think we’ll stay in the RV until it’s time for “the home.” I just don’t want to do any more yard work or paint. That tire place is a hoot. It’s good to have Freightliner put them on for you.

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