Migration to the South

Bushnell, FL

Since we last posted in North Myrtle Beach we have been slowly migrating to the south, trying to stay ahead of the cold weather.  Our first stop was in Atlanta to enjoy an early Thanksgiving meal with our son, Kevin.  The trip from North Myrtle Beach to Atlanta is about 350 miles, which is much too far for people in no hurry and driving around in their house.  So we stopped for the night about half way at Magnolia RV Park, which is in the center of South Carolina just two miles off the interstate.

Good-bye North Myrtle Beach

The nearest town of any size near Magnolia RV Park is Clinton, SC (pop. 8,000).  There is not much happening in Clinton, but it is the home of Presbyterian College, a small liberal arts school with a bit over 1100 undergraduate students.  Despite it’s small size, the Blue Hose fields 15 varsity sports teams competing in Division 1.  No, the nickname is not from a cold fire department!  It originated early in the school’s existence when newspapers referred to the color of the teams’ socks.

After a quiet night at Magnolia, we continued our journey to Atlanta, where we set up shop at Jones RV at exit 101 on I-85.  It’s not the nicest park we have seen (in fact it may be the worst) but it is the closest spot near Kevin.

We were in Atlanta for an early Thanksgiving, as we can’t be there next week when the rest of the country observes the holiday.  Pam made a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings, with plenty of leftovers for the next day’s lunch (and dinner).  After a good meal, a long walk was in order, so the three of us headed out for a hike through a nearby nature preserve.

Walking through the preserve it is difficult to imagine you are inside the city of Atlanta.   Hiking over the hill (including the stairs) and around the creek helped work off some of the meal.

After a nice visit with Kevin we continued our southbound trek.  Our next stop was in Ashburn, GA, about 180 miles south of Atlanta, for a brief stop at Wanee RV and Country Club.   Located just five miles from I-75, this small RV park is attached to a nine hole golf course.  We’ve stayed here a number of times going to or returning from Florida.  The park is not much, but each time we visit the owner has made good progress in restoring the golf course (previous owners let it deteriorate) to good playing conditions.  There are no greens fees if you stay in the RV park, and we always pick a site just off the first tee.

If you like to walk the course, they even provide a caddie to carry your clubs.  She doesn’t know much about being a caddie, but she looks great and even cooks dinner after the round!

We intended to spend three days in Ashburn enjoying the golf, but the weather report is calling for rain on Tuesday and Wednesday so we cut our golf holiday to one round and the next day continued heading south.  We are now staying in Paradise Oaks RV Resort in Bushnell, FL.

Bushnell is located along I-75 in central Florida.  There is not much to do in the immediate area, but it’s a great place to spend a few days before we head out for our next adventure.  On Friday we will meet up with Howard and Linda of RV-Dreams and head to Miami.  We’ll leave the motorhome on land owned by a friend of Linda’s and on Sunday board a very large boat and head to sea for a ten day cruise!

More on that later . . .

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13 Responses to Migration to the South

  1. libertatemamo says:

    Paul would loooove that RV park! Gotta remember that one.

  2. Jean says:

    Lucky you! Freezing weather (calling for some liquid and frozen precipitation) and P-T conferences here 😦

  3. What you are already in Florida? You are leaving us in the dust! We are still here in GA and it is cold!

  4. Janna says:

    Well, now, it is certainly a very small world. We’ve never met Howard and Linda but have many close friends who have–now we hear you are cruising together–have a great time!!

  5. Hope the weather is good for you guys during your cruise. We head south in two weeks. Maybe John and Steve can get in a golf game.

  6. Pam says:

    Welcome to Florida. It’s great you had an early Thanksgiving with your son. I am sure he appreciated a home cooked meal with all the trimmings. Priceless.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming cruise. We have head wonderful things about Howard and Linda but have not had the pleasure of meeting them.

  7. Dave says:

    Enjoy your cruise with Howard and Linda….I have followed their blog longer than any other. If we get our act together and make it to Florida, we might even take part in their boondocking rally in February. (We live just north of Clearwater, but won’t head that way until after Christmas.) Enjoy the warmth. –Dave (GoingRvWay.com)

  8. Gay Taylor says:

    A cruise…sounds exciting! A REAL vacation! Enjoy…

  9. pmbweaver says:

    Beautiful header photo.

    Thanks for explaining the nickname. I couldn’t image what the heck it meant. Still a bit strange. Wish you had a photo of their mascot…lol

    I had no idea Atlanta had a hiking trail like that one. Nice photos of you two!

    Free golf and a cover-girl caddie….jackpot.

    WOW…I didn’t realize how close your cruise was. Enjoy your last few days of relaxation. I am sure you will be staying up all hours of the night on the cruise.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Gayle says:

    A cruise! What a nice change of pace.

  11. Ingrid says:

    Free golf and a caddie that cooks? Jackpot! Have a great time on the cruise…..hoping for smooth seas 🙂

  12. rommel says:

    So much in store for the two of us. Excited and very happy for you two enjoying the trips. Have fun and travel safe. Nice to know you connected with your loved one on your trip here.

  13. LuAnn says:

    You are really covering a lot of ground, which sounds like a wonderful idea right about now, heading to a warmer climate. That RV park with golf course is a unique idea. We gave up the clubs before we began RVing, not wanting to tote them around with us. Have a great time meeting Howard and Linda and enjoy your cruise. 🙂

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