Back to the Beach

North Myrtle Beach, SC

After having the coach serviced in Gaffney, we stayed in their customer lot one more night before heading east for some beach time.  We like South Carolina as the weather is great this time of year, the people are always friendly, and they have the lowest fuel prices we have seen in a long time!

On Tuesday we drove about two hundred seventy miles east to Briarcliffe RV Park in North Myrtle Beach.  We have stayed here twice before and enjoy the moderate weather and empty beaches early November offers in this area. 

The empty beaches of North Myrtle Beach

We were anxious to get to Briarcliffe as we knew two couples we have met during our travels, Sue and Dave (Beluga’s Excellent Adventure) and MonaLiza and Steve (The Lowes RV Adventures) were also staying there.  After we arrived both couples came over to our site for a brief happy hour.  We then walked through an adjacent parking lot to Barefoot Landing, a small shopping area of small specialty shops and restaurants surrounding a small lake.  We had reservations for dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack, which is located there.

Everyone ordered dinner and the waiter provided bibs for the ladies having one of the crab buckets.  The waiter was pretty sharp, as he quickly recognized the personalities of some of the patrons and provided them with a bib with a name that reflected each personality.

The next day was warm and sunny and we had to decide what to do for the afternoon.  We had two things we wanted/needed to do so we had to choose between the two.  The first choice was to wash the dirt off the motorhome and jeep from yesterday’s travels.  But we decided on the other choice and we know we made the right decision!

The beach with a Starbucks!  Can it get any better than that?  We sent the picture above to our daughter who was busy inspiring and changing the lives of a group of fifth graders.  Apparently she would rather be on the beach, as her reply was quite definitive, although we can’t repeat it here.

A young surfer girl enjoys the solitude of the surf!

Tonight we enjoyed another happy hour at the Lowe’s site (with great snacks prepared by Steve) followed by a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant at Barefoot Landing.

Man, this retirement is more work than we thought!

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30 Responses to Back to the Beach

  1. Gay Taylor says:

    This IS the life!
    I love seeing the pictures of everybody. Friends, beaches, great food, and Starbucks…wish we were there!

  2. pam says:

    Isn’t it exciting to finally get back to the beach? We are just a few hours south in Hilton Head.

    Love the Starbucks on the beach photo. Sending it to your daughter in the classroom was a little cruel. You deserved her choice words.

    This is the time of year I most relish my retirement freedom. I am still amazed that there is a whole world of people out and about on a school day!

    • placestheygo says:

      Yes, it was cruel but we knew she could take and…we couldn’t resist:)

      We were just talking about the freedom last night. It is hard to believe that we are now far from that daily rigid schedule. Loving life for sure!

  3. Those fuels prices are here in Texas also. Actually we got diesel for $3.41 yesterday….love it!

    You know the saying….If the bib fits….he got you wrong Ms. Pam.

    Poor Jessica…why would you rub your enjoyment in her face. Poor, poor Jessica.

    Where is the young surfer girl’s board? Or does she just belly surf? One never knows.

    Enjoy all that living the good life.

  4. what a deserted beach!
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. Lisa says:

    Fun times! We too are enjoying the beach but it is not as deserted as yours.

  6. Gayle says:

    I think October and November are the best times to be at the beach. Enjoy!

  7. Amanda says:

    Yay! Enjoy your time at the beach- and those fuel prices. Out here in eastern CA gas is $3.94/gallon!!!!

  8. Boy! That looked like a motley crue (?) at the seafood table…. Glad you were able to get up with Steve and Mona Lisa and Sue and Dave…..enjoy those beaches……

  9. We heard that SC has the cheapest diesel and 3.59 just proved it.
    Indeed this is life, beats working 🙂

  10. Sandra Silva says:

    Hi Dear RV Friends We continue to enjoy your email blog and look forward to each new installment. We empathize with you one your stay in York for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. We were in Reno for a month taking care of family business and now in Gilroy, CA for TWO WHOLE MONTH to spend time with our son Sam and two grand boys, Zach and Nathan. The boys are in the local community college and finally taking their studies seriously. Sam has been out of town on work assignments so we are going over to his house to make dinner or take the boys out. We are really enjoying their company and doing thing with them. One of the activities we enjoy while here is kayaking in the Elkhorn Slue near Monterey which we are going to do later this month. The slue is full of wildlife and sea life that always excite us. The campground we are at is in Morgan Hill and there is a great Massage Envy there. Last year while we were staying here I found a wonderful massage therapist that I am now having weekly massages with. It is sooo heavenly and I have even set an appointment for a facial later next month. I have to be beautiful for Christmas you know. Bob is keeping busy R&Ring the little bit of stuff we do carry. This Thousand Trails Park does not have sewer so we use our gray water dump tank to empty the gray water often. I wash cloths and take long showers so the gray tank fills about every other day. The wheels on the portable tank were warring out so Bob installed new ones. He is quite proud of his efforts. The weather here is probably much like SC. Cool mornings and clear sunny afternoons at about 75 degrees. I am not liking the time change as I think it is time for bed by 6:00 P.M. Well it is dark. Since we are here for such a long time we have decided to get some damage done to the coach repaired. While in Leavenworth, WA we scratched the passenger side bin doors of the coach badly. The campground had not trimmed the foliage and there was no way out except through the trees. We thought we would just pay to have the scratch fixed but when we found out how much it is going to cost we put in a claim to the insurance company. We should know if they approve the estimate tomorrow. We found a body shop that will come out and take the damaged panels of and repair them in their shop so that we do not have to move out of the coach for a long time. We will be staying with Sam for a week for our required week out of TTN so the coach will be in the body shop during that time. There are a few other small scratches and dents that we are going to pay for fixing in addition to the long scratch on the passenger side. The coach will look like new when we leave here. Keeping it that way is the challenge. We remember fondly our visit with you in Myrtle Beach in 2011. This really is a lovely time of year for SC. We will be there this time next year. It is such an irony that you will be coming west as we go east. I am sure that we will catch up with each other sometime in the future. Keep enjoying the hard work of retirement full timing. Bob and Sandy Silva

  11. I definitely like those fuel prices!!

  12. nan says:

    You know, they say that Life is a Beach! Love the white sand….

  13. What a great time you must have had. And that cheap gas! Wow!

  14. What fun being with friends! We are going out with our fellow volunteers tonight. I think we’ve stepped over to the “other” side. We’ll be eating at a casino buffett at 5PM! Does that make us members of the senior set?!?! Don’t think we’ll mention this to our kids. I can hear their comments now!

    The beach reminds me of home only ours are always crowded!

  15. LuAnn says:

    Oh to be back at the beach again! Looks like you are all having a lovely time. 🙂

    • placestheygo says:

      It’s nice to be on the beach again but we now realize we would rather be in the mountains or desert. And the west gives us all of this…beaches, ocean, mountains, and deserts!!

      We’ve had three great evenings with MonaLiza, Steve, Sue and Dave. Wonderful people!

  16. Lisa Young says:

    Sounds and looks perfect!! Enjoy!

  17. rjrvtravels says:

    What fun – catching up with Sue and Dave and MonaLiza and Steve. We are parked at Sam’s in Desert Hot Springs. JoAnne and I flew to Baltimore last Sunday for a short business trip – when we got back Wednesday we had new neighbors – Nina and Paul and the Technomedia crew.

    Safe Travels…

  18. rommel says:

    You really are so darn lucky. How I wish to see Mona and Steve as well. Less than 3 dollars gas!!! I didn’t think it exists nowadays! It’s like seeing a ghost. That’s wicked unbelievable.

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