Bus Climbing in NYC

York, PA

One of the reasons we have lingered so long in York is to have the opportunity to watch our daughter, Jessica, participate in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon in Queens, NY.  The event consisted of a ten mile run through Flushing Meadows Corona Park, site of the 1964 Worlds Fair (which John attended as a teenager).   During the run participants had to maneuver over, under, or around ten obstacles.

Jessica had trained for the event with a group of ladies from her gym, Phases Fitness, for months.  They ran as a group, providing support, both emotional and physical, during the race.  The group started strong, remained enthusiastic, and finished very strong with a time of just over two hours and ten minutes!

We really enjoyed watching the race and look forward to the group as they participate in their next event, a 100 mile run up and over the Rocky Mountains!  Just kidding . . .

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10 Responses to Bus Climbing in NYC

  1. pam says:

    There is no doubt she is your daughter! It’s terrific that you were both there to cheer her on. Fun photos.

    Are you on the road yet?

  2. Ingrid says:

    What? No Rocky Mtn race? And of course, that would have to be at an elevation of 10,000 feet….eezy peezy for Jessica. Great post and now its time to hit the road 🙂

  3. Gay Taylor says:

    That was some event…how great it is for Jessica to have friends all enjoying and sharing a healthy lifestyle. I’m sure you both are very proud of her! They seem to be having fun which is an added bonus to being in good shape! That was some bus climb!

    I’m guessing you will be on your way south…safe travels!

  4. Janna says:

    Wow–good for Jessica!! and her gang of pals!

  5. A gang of can do women can navigate that obstacle course in a heartbeat. They sure were having a great time as demonstrated on the last photo on top of the bus.
    If in case you made it to Cherry Hill, and feel like biking, there is a Community Park close by 1/4 of a mile from the park that has biking trails. We did not do it for we were busy with other things.

  6. That run would have killed me!!!

    What a wonderful group of young women. They look like they were having fun even during the most difficult challenges.

    You have one awesome daughter!!! Please pass on our congratulations to Jessica and the entire group for an outstanding job!

    The photos are great. So very glad you two got to share in this awesome adventure. Lots of memories for sure!!!

  7. LuAnn says:

    That is one awesome group of women!!! You must be so very proud of Jessica. 🙂

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