Visiting with Friends in York

York, PA

Our visit to York is slowly drawing to a close.  In less than a week we’ll finally be on the road again heading south.  It’s a good thing, as the temperature is starting to take a dive and we understand that winter may be approaching.  Time to head to warmer climates!

But we have enjoyed some beautiful fall days recently.  One sunny afternoon we drove to the York County Rail Trail, parked the Jeep, and road the bicycles into the city.  Our destination was the Mudhook Brewing Company, a small restaurant/brewery attached to the Central Farmers Market building in downtown York.  We had been there two years ago with friends, Joe and Deb Dominick, and the brewery’s web site showed they were still featuring their chocolate beer, which is delicious!  Unfortunately, they had just changed to their Fall brew and didn’t have the chocolate brew we sought, but the pumpkin ale was very good.

The Good Life!

Last Tuesday evening we drove down to Southern Middle School, where John had been principal, to pick up our food order at Market Day, a fund raiser sponsored by the school’s PTSO.  While there we ran into one of the teachers, Susan Stough, and had a nice visit.  We talked about getting together with some of the teachers, so Susan quickly arranged a dinner at a local restaurant not far from us with a few people from the staff.  The group (three retired, three still on the staff at SMS, and three spouses)had a great time telling stories from the “good old days.”

Looks like an SMS team meeting!

Last Sunday we had a visit from RV friends Sue and Dave Banks.  We met them for the first time last December in the desert of Southern California and have kept in touch ever since (their blog).  They live in Rochester, NY and are on their way south for the winter.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed for Gettysburg to visit the battlefield.

Dave and Sue check out Gen. Warren looking out from the top of Little Roundtop

The picture below is take from a snipers position in the Devil’s Den (Confederate side) looking up at Little Roundtop (Union Side) where intense fighting took place during the second day of the battle.

A display nearby shows a photo taken at that spot a couple of days after the battle.

The photo, called “Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter” was taken by Alexander Gardner, a photographer who arrived at the scene two days after the battle ended.   For many years the photograph was believed to be of a Confederate sharpshooter killed by the concussion of a Union shell fired from Little Roundtop.  The current belief is that Gardner and his assistants, Timothy O’Sullivan and James Gibson, dragged the soldier’s body 40 yards into the more photogenic surroundings of the Devil’s Den to create a better composition.

A silent sentinel surveys the battlefield

The High Water Mark, where troops of Pickett’s Brigade met their demise

After a long day listening to John drone on about the battle, we enjoyed a meal at the historic Farnsworth House.  In the picture below you can see numerous marks in the bricks.  They were created by bullets fired by both sides during the first day of the three day battle.

The next morning Sue and Dave stopped by to share some conversation over coffee before they fired up their Discovery motorhome and headed south.  We look forward to spending more time with them in Florida this winter, as we both will stay in the same park near Bradenton.

We have one more event to attend before heading south.  On Saturday our daughter, Jessica, will participate in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon in Queens, NY.  We will drive up Friday and stay in a nearby hotel, then use our bicycles to watch her break her neck as she climbs over buses, crawls under police barricades, and goes up and down the steps of Citi Field while completing the ten mile course.  Then it’s time to head south in search of warmer temperatures!

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18 Responses to Visiting with Friends in York

  1. Lisa says:

    Love me a good pumpkin ale! Sounds like you’ve had some good times in York…but I know you are just itching to get back on the road. Wishing you fair weather travel days!

  2. rommel says:

    Kind of creepy and cryptic to be drawing at the scene of the battle. Yikes!
    Chocolate Beer sounds so interesting. I wonder if other parts of the universe make that. 😀
    Love to hear bloggers esp. RV’ers connect.

  3. Gay Taylor says:

    What a great place to visit with Sue and Dave. Interesting story about the picture.
    Good luck to Jessica…

  4. Paul Weaver says:

    Uhhhh….Jessica, there is a reason it’s called the MEN’s Health Urbanathlon. Only men are crazy enough to climb over buses and think it’s fun… 🙂 Good luck and enjoy beating the guys!

  5. I am not much of a beer drinker and chocolate brew sounds awful!

    Oh yes…the good old days, but these days are much much better.

    How could anyone drag a body that had been dead for two days. YUCK!

    I am more determined now than ever to get to Gettysburg.

    Bundle up and enjoy the run.

  6. Linda Wolfe says:

    It was great seeing you. Safe travels and enjoy your cruise.

  7. Oh, so your town is close by Gettysburg. I think there must be a future for John in Gettysburg, that is if you get tired being retired 🙂
    Good luck to Jessica and being so brave to join the Urbanathalon!
    We left the smartcard at the office, just in case you decide to stop by there.

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, MonaLiza! Jessica did awesome in the race.

      Yes, John would enjoy being a park guide. It takes a lot of training…many classes and then a very hard test. Maybe one day!

      Thanks for the card!

  8. pam says:

    Sounds like a good blend of experiences to fill your time before your departure to warmer shores.

    I didn’t realize you were that close to Gettysburg. Need to review my east coast geography.

    The urbanathlon sounds crazy. You should be able to get some memorable photos!

    • placestheygo says:

      Pam, we are about 45 mins. from Gettysburg. Makes for a great day visit.

      We got so many amazing photos and video of each obstacle. It was so much fun but crazy to say the least.

  9. frankeeg says:

    I felt a little sad reading this post. In fact I usually feel a little sad whenever I hear and read about the USA civil war. On the credit side of that sadness is the appreciation of all the maintained historical sites. Good on you for visiting such places of national importance.

  10. LuAnn says:

    We have not been to PA so that is on our list for next year. I am looking forward to experiencing the history in Philly. Chocolate beer does sound interesting. Is it a dark beer like porter? We don’t drink a lot of beer but when we do, I seem to crave porter. 🙂

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