Rainy Days and a Half Marathon

York, PA

It has been two months since we arrived back here in York, and we are getting very anxious to hit the road.   We have one more event to attend before we leave, the Mens Health “Urbanathlon” in Queens, NY on October 26th.  This is a ten mile run/climb around the area of Citi Field (home of the Mets) and the US Tennis Center.  Participants climb over numerous obstacles and run up and down the steps in both stadiums during the ten mile course.  Our daughter, Jessica, is participating so we intend to stay here until after the event.

In the mean time we have been hanging around York, getting to know what life would be like if we had retired and continued to live in our home.  The boredom we are experiencing only reinforces what a great choice we made in moving into the motorhome.

The excitement last week was rain, and we’re talking rain in biblical amounts.  York County received over nine inches of rain in two days, causing numerous road closures in the area.  Thursday morning we attempted to drive out of the park, but found the scene pictured below at the entrance.

Fortunately, there is a back exit to the park through a neighboring property, so we were not trapped.  If not, we would have had to get out the inflatable kayak, as nothing gets in the way of a run to Starbucks!

Speaking of Starbucks, when our friends Larry and Mary Anne stopped by for a visit recently on their way to Canada, Mary Anne had a small gift for Pam.

On Saturday we went to downtown Baltimore (about 40 miles south of York) to watch Jessica participate in a half marathon.   While heading for the starting point, we crossed by the route of the full marathon, which was already under way.  Even though there were thousands of runners in the race, Jessica quickly spotted her friend, Jeremy, passing in front of us.  Jeremy was pretty easy to spot, as he was running in a Dunkin’ Donuts costume.  It seems that Dunkin’ Donuts offered free entry fee to the marathon to anyone who would wear the costume and Jeremy was the first to sign up.

Soon after that the half marathon runners began their race.  We brought our bicycles along so we could catch Jessica as she made her way around the thirteen point one mile course.  But there were thousands of runners and she ran much faster than anticipated, so we only managed to catch her at two turns.

Jessica’s goal was to finish under 2:30.  If she felt really good, she thought she could meet her ambitious goal of 2:20.  But she felt good the entire run and finished with a personal record of 2:16!

With the half marathon completed we are anxiously awaiting the trip to NYC for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon.  Then we point this bus in a southerly direction and head out!  First stop is a brief visit to Washington, DC, then another quick stop in Gaffney, SC to have the annual service completed on the motorhome, and finally, it’s off to Myrtle Beach for a little beach time!

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27 Responses to Rainy Days and a Half Marathon

  1. Gay Taylor says:

    Congratulations to Jessica! Well done.
    We took our granddaughter to Myrtle Beach when she was 4 years old. After several conversations with her about going there we realized she was saying “murder” beach. We still call it that! Enjoy.

    Can’t wait to hear about the service at Gaffney. We so need to do that! Joe actually has a brother and 2 sisters who live in Spartanburg, SC. We have no excuses…just love the west and can’t wait to get back there!

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, Gay!

      That’s too funny! I will be thinking “Murder” Beach now every time I hear Myrtle Beach.

      We’ve been going to Gaffney since we got the coach. Great place with nice parking for us to stay in while there. All the sites have electric with water and dump on location. When we were out west all last year, we went to a Freightliner Coach Care in Sacramento.

  2. Janna says:

    Yes, congratulations to Jessica–I truly admire anyone who can run that far! I bet you guys really are getting ready to roll!

  3. Pam says:

    Love that you were there to cheer on your daughter in her half marathon. You both look quite gleeful in the photo.

    The home town return is interesting as I did the same thing–wondered what it would be like to have stayed as a retiree. We left in August after I retired in June so I never really experienced being there without working during the school year. This lifestyle is certainly way more exciting than all that yard and house work!

    Love the Starbucks sign. I need one of those for Vic.

    • placestheygo says:

      It was exciting to be here to see Jessica run a longer race. We missed the other Half Marathon. We are really looking forward to the NYC race.

      We headed out to fulltime a week after school finished so we also didn’t get to experience being here without work either. This two and a half months was enough taste!

      Good for Vic!!! Good to know there is another Starbucks fanatic out there.

  4. Jean L. says:

    Wow! Congrats to Jessica! Both Wright ladies are looking great! Where is the boss.

    I heard you both stopped by SMS, too bad it was after hours. You know, you could probably do a shout out over this blog, and have a lot of “old” friends meet somewhere for drinks and dinner.

    I’ll be officially a retiree at the end of this school year. Planning a trip, but nothing like your adventures. I enjoy reading your informative and humorous blog!

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, Jean! We were at SMS to pick up Market Day.

      Congratulations on your retirement. This year will fly by I’m sure. Enjoy where ever you decide to visit on your trip. This is a huge country full of magnificent places.

  5. Lisa says:

    YAY Jessica!

    Gosh I feel your pain about being stationary in your former home town! Fingers crossed that nothing delays your departure!

  6. Ingrid says:

    Way to go Jessica! Myrtle Beach sure sounds like fun. We’ve been stationary 2 weeks and I’m ready to roll, but we’re committed till the holidays 😦 We won’t do that again!

    • placestheygo says:

      We totally understand about not doing that again. Two and half months has been way too long.

      We are looking forward to returning to Myrtle Beach. Our last two visits this time of year were wonderful.

  7. Sheila says:

    Best wishes to your daughter! She will be running full marathons soon! In his younger days, my hubby ran four full marathons! Beach Time! Yeah!

  8. Wow Jessica is doing great! Congrats to her. I was sure you were going to say that you and John were doing the race in NY with her. You sure did a lot of trainging over the summer! We look forward to being home in December for a few weeks. Hope we can get together when we’re all in Florida.

  9. LuAnn says:

    That is very impressive Jessica! When I began your post, I also thought I was going to read that you and John did the race as well. 🙂

  10. Anne says:

    We understand your itch to get going. We have been stationary for 6 months and can are anxiously waiting to start out again next week. have a grand time.

  11. Allison says:

    I want to be on the road, too! We’re still in the Seattle area, waiting for the dang foot to be good enough to leave. I have not been to Myrtle Beach in over 50 years. I bet it’s very different now than it was. Happy trails!

  12. rommel says:

    2:16!!! Geez, I double that! 😀 And, with extra time to smile to the camera, kudos to her!
    I WANT THE DUNKIN’ DONUT costume. Don’t tell me where the guy lives or so help me high mighty above.

  13. Wow, you gals are really looking fit, trim and very healthy! Congrats to Jessica, from the pics I saw years ago, she has a lot to celebrate.
    And I agree, about being antsy when staying put for a long time. Looking forward to our Myrtle Beach rendezvous.

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