Visiting Family and Friends in Erie, PA

Erie, Pa

We left Canton, OH on Sunday (thanks Weavers for the hospitality) and drove to Erie, PA, which is John’s hometown.  We wanted to visit with Patty and Bob Miano, John’s sister and her husband, and two of their grown children and their families.  We had a great visit with the Miano Clan but forgot to take any pictures!

We also took advantage of our visit to see the Kovacs.  Tom and Rivon both went to high school with John (yes, all three graduated!) and we have remained friends with them over the years.  But, for some reason, we have not met up with them for at least ten years (our fault, not theirs).  Years ago they bought a summer house right on the beach of Lake Erie and have spent a great deal of time and effort to make it a model of beach living.

Rivon and Tom with their beach house

When you sit on one of the deck areas and look out at the lake you feel like Jimmy Buffett should be singing on the dock.

Their “Pier” on Lake Erie

Since we didn’t have a phone number, we drove down to the beach house hoping someone would be there.  Sure enough, Rivon was on their pier enjoying the sun.  After a bit Tom arrived and we had a great visit, catching up on family events of the past decade.

The day after meeting up with Tom and Rivon, we took a drive of about 25 miles to a bar/restaurant just across the state line in New York to meet up with fellow full-time RVers Steve and Mona Liza.  We follow their blog, The Lowe’s RV Adventures, and they follow ours.  When they realized that we were not far from their current location along Lake Erie in New York, they found a place half way between us and we scheduled a lunch time meeting.

The sign outside Plummers State Line Tavern had a slogan that was perfect for our meeting, as we had never met before this.

John, Pam, Mona Liza, and Steve

After a tasty lunch and a few hours of great conversation, we parted company.  But after comparing travel plans we will have the opportunity to met up again once or twice this fall and winter as both of us head south into Florida.  We really enjoyed meeting Steve and Mona Liza and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Tonight (Wednesday) Tom and Rivon are coming over to see our motorhome and have dinner.  Then tomorrow morning we will head out early, as we have a long drive to our next destination.  We’re headed for Clayton, NY, in the Thousand Islands,  to visit Pam’s mother and enjoy a visit to the beautiful St. Lawrence River for a few weeks.

More on that later . . .

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14 Responses to Visiting Family and Friends in Erie, PA

  1. Jill E. says:

    The lake house looks so cool, peaceful and relaxing! Burning up here in Indy (as are most places)! Stay cool! Jill

  2. Ingrid says:

    I’m glad you got to meet ML and Steve….great folks whom we hope to meet up with again. Love that dock!

  3. Lisa says:

    How great you got to meet Steve and Mona Liza; we met them in Casa Grande! Tomorrow night we meet Tim and Amanda…it’s a small world isn’t it?!?!?!

  4. Gay and Joe says:

    What a great time with family and friends and a real treat to make new friends…ML and Steve. Your friends have a beautiful beach cottage!

    We loved the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands when we visited friends in Kingston, Ontario last year. The area is just beautiful! Enjoy!

  5. Now I know what you meant when you said their beach house was beautiful. It is gorgeous!!!

    How nice you got to meet new blog friends. Y’all look like you had a great time.

    Travel safely dear friends. Looking forward to reading about good mom is doing. Give here a hug from us.

  6. Erin says:

    There’s another blog-follow in common. You sure found the perfect place to meet “new” friends. That beach house your friends is lovely. I can imagine waking up to a new day there must be a lovely feeling.

  7. We enjoyed your company and was glad we were able hook up. It is always fun and exciting to meet fellow bloggers. Looking forward to our future meetings and perhaps some hiking time.
    Were you able to ask your friends about the stench we smelled at the lake?

  8. I grew up in Erie, also! Small world. Where is the Kovac’s beach house located? My dad lived in a cottage on Cowell’s Beach off Eastlake Rd but it wasn’t anywhere near that nice!

  9. Pam says:

    Sorry I missed your posts about meeting up with Marsha and Paul in Canton. I bet they were amazing hosts. Sure impressed by what a Lake Erie beach house can look like. No wonder you took a chance to see if you could reconnect with your friends there! Looks like a fun time in getting together with fellow bloggers, but I only saw one beer on the table?

    Sounds like you have a beautiful destination ahead–both in terms of geography and time with Pam’s mom. Looking forward to hearing about this special time.

  10. LuAnn says:

    It truly is a small world. What great fun to meet up with other full-timers. We hope to meet you both, as well as Mona and Steve someday down the road.

  11. That dock and lake look so-o-o-o inviting. We’re sweltering in Nevada having previously mega-sweltered in Arizona.

    • placestheygo says:

      We are in northern NY now along the St. Lawrence River. We just had five perfect days with lower temps and low humidity. But all good things must come to an end. It is getting warmer and more humid:(

      Sorry to hear about your heat but at least the air is drier. The humidity really makes any movement hard.

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