Visiting Friends in Canton, OH

Canton, OH

On Friday, after having some minor repairs to the motorhome completed at Cruising America RV in Celina (on the west side of Ohio), we drove across the state to the city of Canton for a visit with Paul and Marsha Weaver.  We have followed their blog, Where’s Weaver, for a number of years and met up with them for the first time last summer in Montana.   The Weavers lived full time in a motorhome for three years until last Fall when they sold the motorhome, and purchased a house.  They then bought a fifth-wheel trailer and truck for travelling.  They now spend the summer in Canton and travel  the rest of the year.  Paul had widened the entrance to the driveway and cleared an area in the back of their property to park their fifth wheel and truck.  They felt there was room for our motorhome, so we took them up on their offer to park in their drive for a visit.  We were their first RV visitors and we found we could easily back into the widened drive and our motorhome fit very nicely on the cleared area.  Paul even ran an extension cord to us so we could have electricity.

Weaver’s RV
Where’s the cable TV?

Marsha grew up in Canton, so on Saturday she gave us a first rate tour of the city.  The first stop was at the Canton Garden Center, a beautiful botanical garden located in one of the many parks in the city.

Marsha, Paul, and John at the Canton Garden Center

John F. Kennedy Memorial Fountain and Eternal Flame
Canton Garden Center

Canton was the home town of William McKinley, the 25th president of the United States.  The McKinley National Monument is located in the parks near the Garden Center.  It is the burial site for the former president, his wife, and their two children (both died in childhood).

The McKinley Monument

Three great Americans

Looking back from the top of the steps

Final Resting Place of William and Ida McKinley

McKinley ran for president on the Republican ticket in 1896.  His Democratic opponent was the brilliant speaker, William Jennings Bryan.  McKinley didn’t believe he had the oratory skills to compete with Bryan so he conducted a “Front Porch” campaign, a style successfully used by two earlier presidents from Ohio, James A. Garfield and Benjamin Harrison.  During the campaign McKinley did not travel, but stayed in his home on Market Street in Canton, making speeches from his front porch.

The McKinley home on Market Street

In the afternoon we made a brief visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, located just west of downtown Canton along I-77.

Seven new inductees will be honored at a ceremony next month.  Being a Baltimore Raven fan, John was pleased to see the name of one of the new members.

Jonathan Ogden was the original pick of the Baltimore Ravens when they made the move from Cleveland in 1996.  He is the only player in the group to have played with the same team his entire career.  Ogden was an offensive lineman so he is not exactly a household name (outside of Baltimore), but he was a great player and is a very classy person

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, an annual NFL pre-season exhibition game, is held the day after the induction ceremony and officially kicks off the NFL Preseason.  It is played at Fawcett Stadium,  a small football facility owned by the Canton School District located next to the Hall of Fame.

Fawcett Stadium and two Hall of Fame wannabees

After a long day on the Marsha Tour Bus one certainly works up an appetite.  So we finished off a great day with a great meal at a local Irish restaurant.  Our server took the picture below, requiring her to set a large pitcher of some sort of liquid down on our table while she operated the camera.  Of course she quickly retrieved the unknown liquid, allowing us to enjoy our glasses of ice water.

The Wrights and the Weavers

Sunday morning the four of us paid a visit to a local Starbuck for some final conversation.  Then it was time to fire up the motorhome and head toward John’s home town of Erie, PA.  Many thanks to the Weavers for their great hospitality.  Next time they’ll have to come to our house for a visit.  But wait, we don’t have a house!  Oh well, we’re sure to meet up with them somewhere down the road.

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14 Responses to Visiting Friends in Canton, OH

  1. Allison says:

    Hah! Unknown liquid, indeed. That looked like an excellent tour.

  2. Gay and Joe says:

    What a nice visit…and a great place to park! Great tour guides too!
    Cant believe you are almost in PA. Safe travels!

  3. Loved the tour of Canton… even though I’m a Buckeye, I can only remember going to the Amtrak station… your blog makes me want to pay another visit – especially to see the McKinley house.

  4. You didn’t pay for the TV service. Quit playing on your audience’s sympathy.

    WOW…you make the Tour look like one I would pay big bucks to take. We look forward to receiving the check in the mail.

    So, so happy you two could visit with us. Next time you need to stay longer. The time went way too fast. Enjoy your family and friends in PA. Miss you already!

  5. Lisa says:

    What a great meet up! Love those friendships made on the road!

  6. Janna says:

    Yeah, right, unknown liquid–I see those frosty mugs in the background! 🙂 Tell us more about how Ogden is a classy person, we all seem to read so much about the poor behavior of sports stars, it would be refreshing to hear about a classy one!

  7. Having friends as tour guides are the best. Looking forward to our own rendezvous.

  8. Nan and John says:

    We had no idea how much Canton has to offer. Thanks for the tour.

  9. Erin says:

    Never fails to amaze me … in some ways, the blog/RV world is such a small one … we too have been following the Weavers for a year or two … perhaps our paths will cross with them (and you) someday.

  10. Sue says:

    You’re moving east faster than we are….we’re dragging our feet! Look forward to having you park in our yard and spending a bit of time with you in August. No cable TV but 30 or perhaps 50 amps!

  11. Bob and Jo says:

    History, football, friends, what a great visit.

  12. LuAnn says:

    Thanks for the guided tour of Canton. I didn’t realize there was so much history associated with the city.

  13. Born and raised in Canton. I do the same tour every July/August when I go back for the Hall of Fame game. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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