Hello Colorado

Durango, CO

After a wonderful stay of almost three months in Utah (OK, we spent a week in Page, AZ, but you could see Utah out our front window), we have now migrated into the green state of  Colorado.  We’ll be spending a week here in Durango, in the southwest corner of the state, before heading to the northeast next week for a visit to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

The view driving through southwest Colorado

After a drive of about a hundred and twenty-five miles, we quickly settled into our spot at Alpen Rose RV Park, a few miles north of Durango.  Overall it is a nice park, with friendly people in the office.  In fact, one of the workers in a golf cart met us as we drove in and, since we had a reservation, escorted us to our site before we even went into the office.  But our one complaint is, for us, a deal breaker.  Each site in this park shares utilities with the site next to it.  This means two things we don’t like in a site.  First, you are very close to the neighbor on your left.  Second, you share the space outside your door on your right with the person in the next space.  If we had known that, we would have looked more closely at other parks in the area.

But the good thing about our site is the view out the front.  We are looking at grazing horses right in front of us and snow covered mountains in the distance.

The view out our front windshield

We spent the first day here cleaning some of the Utah dust from our vehicles.  John washed both the Jeep and the motorhome from top to bottom, while Pam cleaned the inside of the motorhome.  This town does have a nice Starbucks, so we did have a reward at the end of the day!

The next day we headed into Durango to experience a great bike/walking path.  The Animus River Trail (paved) runs right through the town, crossing back and forth across the Animus River for seven miles.

Just south of town the path runs along a set of rapids in the river that are set up to host white water competitions.  We came upon a group of people dressed like mountain hikers who where jumping in the river and swimming from large rock to large rock.

One of the participants walked by us, so we inquired as to what they were doing.  We found that they are enrolled in a program at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska that leads to a degree in disaster rescue.  Who knew there even was such a degree?  They were in Durango to complete skills necessary for river rescues.

While on the bike path, we passed a neat little barbecue restaurant with outdoor seating.  So after returning to the Jeep, we headed south to split a sandwich while enjoying a nice view of the river.

We also stopped at the visitors center and found that there are a number of good hikes in the area, so look for those in a future blog.  The only problem is that, unlike Utah, they cover the rocks around here with dirt and some sort of green stuff, so don’t look for many pictures of rocks in the future! 

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18 Responses to Hello Colorado

  1. Nan and John says:

    Looking forward to seeing your hikes! Not sure I remember what green stuff is.

  2. Pam says:

    Funny, I thought the photo with the people in orange suits was the two of you doing some kind of outrageous white water swimming. I wasn’t sure what to expect for your Colorado adventures!

  3. Welcome to Colorado! We’ve been here a little over a month and have watched it green up. Today we drove up to Cottonwood Lake and ran into snow!

    Steve played his first softball game tonight and did a great job. Sitting in the bleachers here is a lot different than in Florida! I need to remember and bring a blanket next time!

    Enjoy the scenery!

  4. New header photo time…nice!

    We had to share a site like that in Tuscon. Did not like it either. We didn’t have any privacy when we sat out.

    How interesting about the swimmers. I bet the water was very cold.

    Doesn’t the green amaze you? When we got to Ohio, Paul kept saying..I can’t believe how green everything is.

    Love the view out your window. How blessed you two are to go from canyons to mountains. Enjoy your stay.

  5. You will love Colorado…can’t wait to see pictures of the green stuff, it’s been about 4 months now since we left some behind in SoCal.

  6. Janna says:

    Green stuff is nice at times too! That was one big sandwich!

  7. Glenda Laine says:

    Love following your adventures. If you get a chance, go see Chimney Rock (east toward Pagosa) & some of the waterfalls around Pagosa. We’re working at Archer’s Poudre River Resort this summer (30 miles west of Ft Collins, halfway up the awesome Poudre River Canyon on Hwy 14) if you get to this area. Would love to meet.

  8. LuAnn says:

    What, no pictures of red rocks? How will you cope? Enjoy your time in Colorado. I look forward to some of your green hikes. 🙂

    • placestheygo says:

      That was my feeling exactly, LuAnn!! But I must admit the valley we are in is surrounded by beautiful red walls. However, the trees that are dotting them do take from their beauty.

  9. Sue says:

    That campground set up would be a deal breaker for us also….
    Now, what will you become the “queen” of in Colorado, no cresteds, no arches, hmmmm…We wait with bated breath.

  10. John Egan says:

    Welcome to Durango! I’m reading your post while sipping delicious coffee at the Durango Coffee Company this morning – if you haven’t been there, I recommend it. So, You’ll be here for a week? It’s a great town – I love it here. Another interesting place to visit is Pagosa Springs just 60 miles to the east. It’s not as big or dynamic as Durango, but it’s got some good restaurants, lots of beautiful natural attractions and geothermal hot springs right on the banks of the San Juan River. The river is running wild these days and you want watch rafters and kayakers in the water right by the hot springs. I would offer to meet up with you today and give you the cooks tour of Durango, but I have meetings all day long. Anyhow, enjoy your visit here.
    John Egan

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks for the heads up on the Durango Coffee Company. We’ve seen it but I am a bit of a Starbucks snob. We’ve been there every day. We are enjoying your city very much. Beautiful bike path along the river!

  11. Charlotte says:

    Beautiful picture of the mountains, but what is the name of that BBQ restaurant? That sandwich looks wonderful!

  12. Janet says:

    I loved the southwest corner of Colorado. We stayed in Dolores at Priest Gulch. Drove over to Durango and did the train to Silverton, that was awesome. Enjoy your stay, and let us know what you’re doing!! Look forward to your great pictures!!

  13. Erin says:

    Even though we lived in neighboring Utah for 8 years, we never did explore Colorado much … looking forward to seeing it through your eyes.

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