Birthday Arch Hike – Lake Powell

Page, AZ

Today is our last day in the Lake Powell area, so despite the chance of showers (10%) we decided to head west for a short hike to see another arch.  After driving about twelve miles west we parked the Jeep along the edge of Rte. 89 (plenty of room to get off the road) and climbed down into the wash.  About half of the time on this hike you are on soft sand, making for some difficult walking.

In some spots we were able to get up out of the sand and walk on slickrock along the banks of the wash (much easier walking).

At times the entire wash was on slickrock.

A few times we came to what is called a pouroff, where there would be a water fall if the steam was running.  We climbed up some of them, but a few were just too high, even for highly skilled climbers like us!

So for these pouroffs, it was a climb up and around.

After about two miles we turned west into a smaller wash.  Keen trackers like us are able to spot well hidden turns like this one.  But the rock formation pictured below was available for less skilled hikers.

Finally, we began our final climb to the arch.  As the picture below shows, the clouds were getting a bit darker and we could hear a little thunder in the distance.

But we kept going and soon the Birthday Arch came into view.

Lunch with a view

After a brief stop for lunch, we began the climb back down to the wash.  At times things got a little tight on the trail.

Then things got a little steep.

But the nimble hiker and her trusted guide made use of all their physical attributes to safely complete their descent.

We continued back down the wash, with a cloud cover and a few raindrops encouraging a steady pace.  Along the way we were able to see some nice desert flowers in bloom.

So that ends our stay next to beautiful Lake Powell.  This stop wasn’t on our travelling agenda, but we added it after seeing pictures on Sue and Dave’s blog, Beluga’s Excellent Adventure.  And we’re sure glad we did as this area is very beautiful, with lots to see and do.

But tomorrow is moving day and we’re off to visit the metropolis of Bluff, UT.  Maybe all 270 residents will be out to meet us when we arrive!  More on that later . . .

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8 Responses to Birthday Arch Hike – Lake Powell

  1. Erin says:

    Another great walk. I wonder why it was named Birthday Arch … checked the NPS website and there’s no mention of the source of the name.

  2. I was wondering the same thing about the name. That was sure a great hike with lots of different obstacles. We will have to add Lake Powell to next year. We would have loved the boat ride and hike! Can’t wait to see what Bluff, UT has to offer.

    We are in Moab and you can bet we will be using your blog as a guide. We loved Cannonville, but it sure is nice to have a grocery store here in Moab, LOL!

    Safe travels today!

  3. Janna says:

    Bluff is a cool spot, too. I am really enjoying all your photos!

  4. Lisa says:

    We did that hike too. We kept walking and walking and felt like we were never going to see the darn arch…then finally spotted it! Back in Oct. there weren’t any flowers though!

    Hmmm, is your next stop in search of hidden Anasazi ruins???? 🙂

  5. pmbweaver says:

    Looks like this hike have you a little variety.

    Hahaha…live the photo with the arrow. I just live some people’s sense if humor.

    For the last couple of months,you have been having many a lunch with a view!

    Good thing Pam you are a little skinny thing or you might not have managed to squeeze through the tight space.

    Safe travels my friend. Maybe all 270 residents will greet you with a parade. Be sure to take lots of pictures of them welcoming you two.

  6. Sue says:

    the old butt crawl again…….

    seriously though, I’m glad you enjoyed the area as much as we did….love the flower pictures.

  7. LuAnn says:

    Another great hike. Next time we are at Lake Powell we will have a nice little itinerary. Thanks!

  8. “physical attributes” or assets??

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