Moving Day – Page, AZ

Page, AZ

Sunday morning we were up early and on the road, headed for the small town of Page, AZ along the shores of beautiful Lake Powell.  After the cold and snow of Bryce Canyon this past week, we were looking forward to the warmth of northern Arizona for a change of pace.  The drive was an easy 140 miles, mostly on Rte. 89, a good two lane road.

Its pretty cool to be driving through the desert and have a large body of water appear on the horizon.

We pulled into the Wahweap Campground and quickly settled onto a large concrete site.  Many thanks to Sue and Dave of Beluga’s Excellent Adventure for a heads up on this great campground.  After viewing their blog  a few weeks ago, we switched our plans to come here, and we’re sure glad we did.  This place is beautiful!

After setting up, we drove about five miles to the west for a visit to the Carl Hayden Visitor Center to find information on hiking in the area and to get a look at the Glen Canyon Dam.

View of the Rte. 89 bridge from the Visitor Center

The Glen Canyon Dam from inside the Visitors Center

The dam and bridge from the Hayden Visitors Center parking area

On the ride back to the motorhome we stopped to take in the great views.

The view to the left . . .

. . . and the view to the right

We certainly did experience a change of climate today.  Bryce Canyon was having high temperatures in the 60s, while here in Page that’s the low with high temperatures  approaching 90 degrees.  So its only a matter of time before we start complaining about the heat!

Sunsets in northern Arizona are pretty nice ! ! !

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10 Responses to Moving Day – Page, AZ

  1. Nan and John says:

    This looks like a really nice place. it goes right on to my Arizona Pinterest board! Our temp here is to reach 105f today….

  2. Amanda says:

    How beautiful! Be sure to take a drive over to Lone Rock Beach. There’s a day use fee, but if you go in the evening you don’t have to pay. It’s a gorgeous sandy beach.

  3. Ingrid says:

    I agree with Amanda. We spent a week boondocking at Lone Rock and loved it. Even a stop just for a picnic at the lake shore would be pretty nice. One of our favorite spots…..enjoy! Nothing like those Arizona skies 🙂

  4. libertatemamo says:

    One of our fav campgrounds…such HUGE sites!
    By the way if you want some cool pics book a photo tour to Antelope Canyon. It is one of the premier slot canyons in the area, and the photo tour is times so that the light is coming right through the slots in “beams” onto the floor. It is something else.

  5. cathy says:

    We love Wawheap! We usually stop there for a few nights on our way to Yellowstone in the spring. It’s a beautiful area! Enjoy!

  6. I look forward to visiting this dam but I think I’ll wait till the weather is cooler. When we left Florida my one request was that we stay somewhere between Minnesota cold and Florida hot! Colorado has been great. It’s warming up nicely!

  7. Erin says:

    The water level looks awfully low. I remember there being a lot more water way back when we visited. Looks like you landed at a beautiful campground. Might have to split our time between here and boondocking at Lone Rock.

  8. LuAnn says:

    Lake Powell is always a treat for us to see, having lived in AZ for many years. The only sad thing about this area is how low the lake has gotten over the years. I love your header photo! 🙂

  9. Lake Powell…awesome header photo.

    We love that area. Before I read about Beluga’s giving you a heads up on the campground, I was ready to write…check out Beluga’s blog. Great minds AGAIN think alike. I think Pam and I were sisters in another life somewhere far away!

    I can’t look at the bridge picture and you both know that. You put that in just to make me dizzy…thanks friends.

    Excellent location and what a view!!! Enjoy those awesomely warm temps. You may begin to feel you toes in a few days.

  10. Bob and Jo says:

    Love the area, you are right it is neat to see water in the distance driving towards Page. If still in the area visit Horseshoe Bend.

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