Red Canyon Hikes and Bryce Canyon Overlooks

Bryce Canyon City, UT

This is our last day in the Bryce area, and since the weather was nice, we decided to take a couple short hikes in Red Canyon, about fifteen miles west of Bryce Canyon.  Earlier in the week we hiked the Arches Trail there and enjoyed the area, so we returned to hike the Losee Canyon Trail.

Part of the trail is through a dry wash along the red rock formations.

The trail was a bit wet in places from rain the previous day.   And since it is also a horse trail, the ground was a bit chewed up in places and you had to watch your step.  Apparently horse owners aren’t required to clean up after their pets like dog owners.

Other than the group on horses, we didn’t see anyone on the trail.  The only evidence of human activity was the many airliners overhead.

On the way back to the motorhome we stopped along Rte. 12 to hike up for a closer look at the red formations.

At the top we enjoyed a quick “snack with a view.”

We returned to the motorhome until the sun began to sink in the west, then headed into Bryce Canyon NP.  We wanted to enjoy the view of the canyon from observation points along the rim of the canyon.  The setting sun provided great views of the rocks below.

Today the weather was very nice in the Bryce area, with mainly blue skies and temperatures in the mid 60s.   We’ve seen it all this week (rain, snow, sleet, and hail) with temperatures ranging from the low 30s to the 60s.   Tomorrow we head for Page, AZ where temperatures are forecast to be in the high 80s to low 90s.  Wow, from winter to summer in one day!

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4 Responses to Red Canyon Hikes and Bryce Canyon Overlooks

  1. You two have had some many gorgeous snack and lunch stops “with a view.” I’m sure it makes it much easier to digest your food.

    Love the sunset photos of the Canyon. Just the perfect time to catch all the colors and formations of that beautiful place.

    Safe travels to Page. Another place we have never visited.

  2. Erin says:

    Mother Nature gifted you with a gorgeous day before your departure. Safe travels to Page. Lake Powell was one of our early trips when we were living in Utah. Didn’t do much hiking back in those days, but the boat ride to Rainbow Bridge stands out as a very nice memory … and the 11 rolls of pictures Mui took in 3 days … that was back in the day of film!!!

  3. LuAnn says:

    I’m guessing you may be sad to be leaving such gorgeous country. Thanks for taking us on such a fabulous trip across Utah.

  4. Mary Lou Yancey says:

    Fabulous photos of the canyon!

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