Peekaboo Trail – Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon City, UT

After an all day rain on Thursday, Friday morning dawned clear with bright sunshine.  A chance of rain was in the forecast for the afternoon, so we were up and out early (for us) and at Sunset Point at a bit after 9:00 AM.  The first section of our hike was steeply down the cliff on Navajo Trail, a hike we made last Monday.

Setting out in the sunshine

On the trail near “The Sentinel”

A young beauty checks out Thor’s Hammer

Balanced rock in the distance

At the bottom of the canyon we took a short side trail to join the Peekaboo Loop Trail, a three mile hike right through the best part of the canyon.

At one point the trail passes a Ponderosa Pine with a severely twisted trunk.  An information plaque there says they have no idea why the trunk is twisted like that.

What could be on that distant point?

A zoom reveals visitors to Bryce Point

Hiking in Bryce Canyon is a bit different than other national parks, as you begin by going steeply down into the canyon from above.  Of course, this means that you will be hiking steeply up as you exit.  The Peekaboo Hike at the bottom of the canyon adds even more up and down to the mix.  The loop trail winds its way up and down over many ridges.

Switchbacks up one of the many ridges

The weather prediction was for a 30% chance of showers after noon.  But as we looked at the skies to the east, it was apparent that the chance of rain was quickly approaching 100%!

But the skies were clear to the west, so we still enjoyed great views in that direction highlighted by bright sunshine.

Can you see something along the rim line in the center?

A zoom shot reveals Inspiration Point

The rain began to fall as we made the half mile journey steeply up the side of the canyon to the parking lot.   The temperature dropped quickly and the winds increased, making for a very motivated pace, although at 8,000 ft. of altitude, a few brief rest stops were still required.

The shot above was taken just as we reached the top of the rim.  It shows the trail below, but you really can’t appreciate the amount of rain that was falling.  And if you go back to the first picture in this blog, taken from a similar spot, you’ll see how sunshine helps improve the view (and raise the spirits).

The Peekaboo Loop is definitely one of the best, if not the best, hike we have taken during our tour of the west.  At almost every turn you are treated to a beautiful view in every direction.  If you ever visit Bryce Canyon, put this on your “must do” list!

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14 Responses to Peekaboo Trail – Bryce Canyon

  1. Lisa says:

    Utah hiking spoils you…every place else pales in comparison! I know I am envious of the lovely sights you are seeing! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. libertatemamo says:

    Love, love, love hiking in Bryce. The views are just so unique…like nothing else. You got some lovely pics of the trip!!

    • placestheygo says:

      It’s amazing what two hours of blue sky will do for the scenery. We hope to catch the late day sun shining on the canyon tonight. Hoping the clouds give us an evening. The weather hasn’t been our friend this week.

  3. Do you two memorized all those names or do you have a cheat sheet you take with you? I am just amazed at how you know all the names. I know you are both very intelligent, but…

    Looks like you warmed up Pam. Sleeves down in the beginning; sleeves rolled up later.

    I agree…this looks like the most beautiful hike ever. The photos are lovely so that means it is twice as gorgeous in person. So very happy you two had a chance to do this hike. Believe me, it is at the top of our list!!!

  4. Charlotte says:

    Absolutely gorgeous……I can’t wait to be there and experience it myself next year! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nothing like bathing in the glow of Bryce.
    Box Canyon Mark

  6. Gay and Joe says:

    Great hike again! Peekaboo is on our list. What was the time frame…would it take more than 5 hours? Cant wait to see what you do today!

    • placestheygo says:

      Gay, if you do the Figure eight loop which includes Navajo, Peek-a-Boo, and Queensland, it is a little over 6.2 miles. We had done Queensland a few days before and with the storm over us, we headed back out Navajo which made it 5 1/2 miles. We did that in 3 hours. But we didn’t stop at all and moved very quickly for the last .7 because the rain had started. So five hours would be a good guess. Peek-a-boo is very steep both up, then down, then up, then down…you get the idea. But it is beautiful.

      We are headed to Red Canyon and back down towards you to see the Arch out Cottonwood. We were going to Fairylands in Bryce but it was too bad yesterday and with more ran the mud will still be unpassable.

      Have fun with your good weather next week.

  7. Erin says:

    Wow … wow … wow. Such breathtaking scenery … and worth it to be walking out amongst it all even if you had to do the last bit in the rain.

  8. Pam says:

    I thought this looked like an amazing hike when we were there. Glad you were able to get it in before the rains became heavy. The sun is an important part of experiencing Bryce’s full beauty.

  9. LuAnn says:

    Finally, a trail I can relate to, as in have actually hiked it! Love your photos! 🙂

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