Red Canyon Near Bryce

Bryce Canyon City. UT

After hiking in Bryce Canyon Monday morning the skies darkened around noon, so we went back to the motorhome.  When some blue appeared on the horizon we quickly headed back out to visit nearby Red Canyon.  As you approach the Bryce Canyon area from the west on Rte. 12 you drive right though a canyon of beautiful red rocks known as Red Canyon.  The canyon is administered by the U.S. Forest Service and has some nice hiking trails.

After a stop at the visitors’ center, we drove down a dirt side rode for about five miles to hike the Arches Trail.  At the beginning of the trail there is a pile of rocks with an opening into a tiny room.  The lady at the visitors’ center said according to local lore it was used by Butch Cassidy as a hideout when he hit a man in the nearby town of Panguitch and thought he had killed him.  A posse chased Butch without success, but it turned out the man survived and recovered from the punch.  Nice story, but we’re not buying it!

We continued hiking up into the red rock formations.

At times, the sky became a bit threatening, then the sun would return.

We rounded a corner to go out onto a point and were greeted by one of the local residents, a Raven, who was quite vocal about our visit and maintained his guard post as we approached.

Reluctantly, he left his post and moved to a nearby tree branch, continuing his verbal protestations.

As we continued, a highly eroded rock fin with numerous openings appeared.  It looked from a distance that something blue in color was positioned inside one of the openings.

A zoom photo revealed the source of the blue in the opening.

Despite the overcast skies, the hike through the formations was very interesting

As we hiked down the hill another arch came into view.

The view of the arch from the other side was equally interesting.

We returned to the Jeep just in time, as it began to rain.  As we drove back to the motorhome the temperature dropped to forty and it began to hail and snow!

Apparently no one around here knows that it is the second week of May as snow is in the forecast for each of the next few days!

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9 Responses to Red Canyon Near Bryce

  1. Lisa says:

    Another fabulous hike and a GREAT photo of Pam! Keep warm you two!

  2. That is a beautiful area. We’ve been there in May but never had snow!

    • placestheygo says:

      I guess snow is not unusual but we did hit a cool front this week. Next week is suppose to be in the 70’s to 80!! Of course, we will be gone. Our next blog shows just how much snow we did get! It is a beautiful area even with the clouds.

  3. New header….lovely!
    Those Ravens do have big mouths. In one campground, they did not like Bella. They were so loud the neighbor came over laughing. Poor little Bella.
    Whose is the blue beauty between those too pillars. Some sort of goddess…no doubt.
    Love the rock formations and the bright color!! Do not love the weather.

  4. LuAnn says:

    Great photo of the lovely lady in blue!

  5. Erin says:

    No matter the weather … a lovely visit. We encountered those changeable weather conditions in July, so I am not surprised about the hail and snow.

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