The Burr Trail Road with Tour Guides – Part Two

Torrey, UT

In our previous blog we described our adventure on Burr Trail Road as it winds through Capitol Reef National Park.  This blog will cover the return trip back to Torrey.  After checking out an ancient granary on Rte. 12,  we then returned to the little community of Boulder (pop. 180) to enjoy a real treat, a meal at Hell’s Backbone Grill.

Hell’s Backbone Grill has one of the highest Zagat ratings in Utah and was selected as a Fodor’s Choice 2006 recipient.  The restaurant has also been voted “Best Restaurant in Southern Utah” by Salt Lake Magazine’s for the last five years in a row, and has been featured in O, the Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many other famous magazines and newspapers.

The restaurant uses herbs cut from a garden surrounding the building and most of their vegetables are organically grown on their nearby six acre farm.

Cutting fresh herbs outside the dining area

Each of us had a different entree and each dish was delicious.  What a treat to find such a great place to eat in a remote area.  If you’re ever in the area be sure to stop by, but call first for a reservation as the restaurant is very popular and the dining area is small.

After a great meal we drove north on Rte. 12, headed for home.  The road goes over Boulder Mountain, at a maximum altitude of well over 9’000 feet.  Along the way we were able to spot a few herds of mule deer along the sides of the road.

The big treat of the drive was when we spotted a herd of elk, something our guides said was a rare occurrence.  The herd was very skitterish and quickly moved up the hill as we pulled over.

We continued north to a viewpoint called Larb Hollow just in time to watch the changing views to the north and east as the sun went down behind us.

Looking north toward Factory Mesa
The sun sets on the Henry Mountains

We returned to the motorhome just after sunset after an trip of over 150 miles.  Larry and Annette were excellent tour guides and have even volunteer to take us on another tour later in the week!

More on that later . . .

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16 Responses to The Burr Trail Road with Tour Guides – Part Two

  1. Lisa says:

    What a most excellent day! So cool to have local guides!!!

  2. Ingrid says:

    That restaurant looks like a great find. It’s wonderful to have locals show you around. Enjoy!

    • placestheygo says:

      The restaurant was interesting to us because the “town” only has 150 people. But the area is very big in the world of organic farming. I understand they do conferences for future farmers who are interested in similar farming techniques. Having locals show you around makes the area take on a different light.

  3. Gay and Joe says:

    I’m sure your day goes in the books as one of the best days ever! What a treat to have such good friends/locals as guides. The sun setting on Henry Mt. was pretty…but I sure enjoyed the picture of your dinner too! You didn’t even look very tired!

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks, Gay! It was a wonderful day but there was minimal hiking, maybe a couple miles total. It was mainly a drive and get out and view. So we didn’t really earn that delicious dinner.

  4. Allison says:

    I think you have earned that dinner in earlier hikes. Who makes the pack you’re wearing while doing the rock roll and few posts pack? It looks like what I have been looking for. I’d like to carry two bottles, and a small amount of stuff. So far my search for a new pack has been for naught.

  5. You two look like you fit right in Hell(s). hehehe Who ever said the food wouldn’t be good in Hell is dead wrong.

    I like how mom and dad Elk posed for their photo.

    Larb Hollow is beautiful no matter what direction you look.

  6. Erin says:

    What a great gem you found for lunch … each of those dishes looks yummy! And then to wrap your trip with a herd of elk … a great day in my book.

  7. LuAnn says:

    Another beautiful little slice of Utah, and that restaurant, what a find! I am all about organic and the food looked yummy. 🙂

  8. Sue says:

    You know all us foodies wanted a description of those beautiful looking dinners! No caption!!!

  9. Bob and Jo says:

    Looks like a great place to eat, thanks for the tip. While in Torrey try the pies at the Historic Gifford House in Capital Reef National Park.

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