The Windows Section – Arches NP

Moab, UT

On Sunday we moved to a park just to the north of Moab called Portal RV.  When we came to Moab last week this park did not have any vacancies, so we took a site south of town in OK RV Park.  The site there was “ok,” but we were on dirt and when the wind blew it created a dust storm.  Also, rain was in the forecast and we knew if it came we would be walking in the mud.  So soon after we arrived we checked out some other parks in the area and found Portal to be just what we wanted, large concrete pads with a nice view out our front window.

The view out our frond window

Apparently some sites come with a woman sitting on the patio!

Monday morning dawned a bit cool and windy, but with a bit of sunshine in the morning.  So we headed into Arches NP to visit a very popular area called the Windows Section.  We had driven through the area last week but couldn’t find a parking place, as it was filled with families enjoying what we hope is the final week of spring break.  We thought that with most kids safely locked up in school again, the crowds would be gone and things would return to normal (prisons don’t have Spring Break, why do schools?).   Our theory proved to be true and we easily found a place to park then set out to hike the short trail around the centerpiece of the area, the Windows Arches.

The Windows Arches

South Arch looking from the east

A great American waves to the camera from inside the south arch

Just south of the Windows Arches is the Turret Arch.  We picked up our pace while we hiked the path as storm clouds were forming to the south.

The Windows Arches looking from Turret Arch

Just to the west of the Windows Arches is the Double Arch.  Our pace continued to quicken as the wind was becoming quite strong and the temperature was dropping.

The area under the Twin Arches is huge.  Note the size of the people under the arches in the picture below.

John tried to scramble up into one of the arches, but the strong wind combined with blowing sand drive him back down the rocks.

Since the weather was not cooperating, we ended our adventure at this point and returned to the motorhome.  The weather prediction for Tuesday is for rain and high winds, so it looks to be a good day to rest and curl up with a good book.

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17 Responses to The Windows Section – Arches NP

  1. Sue says:

    Hey! That site looks very familiar……we had woman sitting at our patio table too, but she had a pony tail.

  2. Annette Lamb says:

    We hiked in this area a couple months ago and it was filled with snow. Although the weather wasn’t perfect at least you didn’t need to wear your snow shoes or microspikes!

  3. Janet says:

    Thank you for the tip on the Portal RV Park. When we visited Moab, we stayed at the Moab Valley RV Resort, but were not overly impressed. Nice, but a little busy and noisy. If we get back that way, we will definitely check out Portal…..the concrete looks very welcome in the red dirt. Our white dog had red paws for several days after leaving Moab. Did you see the Jet Boat rides just north of town? Pictures and more info at:

    • placestheygo says:

      Thanks for the idea, Janet! Checked out your jet boat ride. Very nice! Not sure it is the activity for right now. We need it to get a little warmer. It is more like kayak weather right now.

      Portal is very nice. They have two parts…the campground side which is gravel with paved roads (no dirt) and the resort side with concrete pads and paved roads which many are privately owned. Both would keep your white dog white!!

  4. Another cool hike and arches and until you show people underneath we would not realize just how huge they are. And yes we will be at Portal RV park for it looks so nice with concrete sites. The system has moved east and we are forecasted with rain and thunderstorms in GA.

  5. Lisa says:

    I have a feeling that summer in CO is going to be like spring break in Arches…full of families! Ah well, just going to have to learn to roll with it! Glad you found more comfortable digs.

  6. Gay and Joe Taylor says:

    Thanks for the pictures. We have reservations at Portal for the middle of May for 2 weeks. Hope that’s enough time to see everything. So glad to hear the kids are safely locked away for a few more weeks till summer…..we better enjoy our time!

    • placestheygo says:

      This is one of those areas like all the others where you could spend months with all the trails. Two weeks should be good. I would think that as long as areas are visited before mid June, the children should all be in school. At least that is my hope!!

  7. amanda says:

    Glad to hear you like the park. When our 2 week limit is up at the BLM campground we have to move to a private park if we want to stay longer. The Portal was on our list of possibilites. We drove by yesterday and it looked nice from the road. Love the pictures of the windows section! We hiked Devil’s Garden yesterday and can’t wait to go back to the park for more.

    • placestheygo says:

      We looked at most of the parks in the area. They are all mostly dirt and VERY close quarters. The Portal RV Resort has two areas. The campground side is less expensive and probably one of the nicer with full gravel sites and paved roads so there isn’t dirt. The sites have a decent distance between them. The resort section is all paved with many lots privately owned. This is my idea of living. So occasionally I am allowed to be spoiled.

      Did you do the entire eight mile loop for the Devil’s Garden? We are hoping tomorrow the crowds will continue to stay down and we can get there. I know that most people only go to the Landscape Arch and then return. So we are hoping that when we hike beyond we will leave the crowd behind.

      The Windows/Double Arch area is short but impressive. We chose this because we knew we only had a short “window” of time before the storm hit. We were about 10 mins late and got hit with terrible sand coming back from the arch.

      Stop by one day as you are out for a visit. We are in the back, site M30. If the Jeep is here, so are we!

      • amanda says:

        We’re going to explore the town and run some errands this afternoon. Maybe we’ll stop by on the way back and see if you’re around.

  8. What a fabulous site. Even a table and chairs.

    I have seen pictures so many of the places you visited today. Your pictures are every bit as impressive. The hike lengths sound perfect for a not so perfect day.

    I know I said it before but again…I just love the color of those rocks!

  9. LuAnn says:

    You two are seeing such fabulous country. Thanks for another great post.

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