Hiking West Butte Mountain and The Slot

Borrego Springs, CA

Tuesday was a beautiful, clear day so we headed out to check out one of the most popular places in the park, The Slot.  We drove up a fairly smooth dirt road to a parking area at the south side of the canyon.   Many people go through The Slot (a hike of about a half mile one way) and return the same route.  We decided to take the long route to the east up the West Butte Mountain, circling around to the north end of The Slot, and end the hike by going through The Slot, a hike of almost four miles.

The hike up to West Butte

The rocky terrain made the hike a bit of a challenge

From the top you can see all the way to the Salton Sea

The hike was fairly challenging, especially since the trail was not well marked, but the reward at the top was a 360 degree view of the park.

After taking in the view, we headed back down toward the north side of The Slot.

Heading down following a long ridge

Our guide book said we would hike the ridge to a place where we could “drop into the ravine at it’s lower edge.”  They weren’t kidding, as the ridge ended abruptly and we had to climb down a very steep bank.

The “drop” to the ravine

We then hiked down the ravine to a jeep road that led to The Slot entrance.

Entering The Slot 

Don’t expect to see this hike on “The Biggest Loser,” at least not in the early part of the season

Don’t look up!

Just as we exited The Slot the phone rang.  It was Linda, who we had hike with the previous day, calling to see if we wanted to go up to Font’s Point to watch the sunset.  So we made a quick trip back to the motorhome to change, then drove out to the desert where Linda and Howard were camping.  They had just met their neighbors, Norm and Lisa, so the six of us headed out.  Font’s Point is a high bluff over looking the park badlands with a great view back to the west.

Thanks to Howard for sharing this picture

The badlands from Font’s Point (thanks again Howard)

The sunset wasn’t very impressive but the company was great.  We then topped off the day with dinner at a local restaurant with Howard and Linda.

Another great day in the desert!

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4 Responses to Hiking West Butte Mountain and The Slot

  1. pmbweaver says:

    Please stop telling us about your beautiful weather. It was nice here yesterday and today and tomorrow and then rain again. This is getting old.

    That second photo looks like the back of a dinosaur. Pretty cool.

    Awesome picture of you two young hikers.

    That drop looks like a very dangerous place to be.

    I love The Slot. That is the coolest place. Those photos are awesome. Looks like a place Paul I would love to be.

    Sorry the sunset was no biggie. There’s always tomorrow.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Lisa says:

    What a great day! Hope the wind dies down today…

  3. Sue says:

    What a great day you two had. Life is good.

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