Back to California

Indio, CA

When last we posted we were in Tucson and had to take the motorhome back to the tire dealer.  When we had the coach serviced in Sacramento, they noticed an improper wear pattern on a front tire and recommended a front end alignment.   So while in Tucson we had the alignment completed and had them move the front tires to the rear and tires from the rear to the front.  As we drove back to the park we found the front end had a very pronounced “shimmy” to it,  so back to the tire store we went early the next morning.  Turns out one of the tires they place on the front had similar tread wear to the one moved to the rear, preventing a true balancing and causing the shimmy.  We’ll not bore you with the details on the discussion as to why they put that tire on the front in the first place, but the only solution was to have two new tires placed on the front.  Who can chance having a worn tire on the front of a fifteen ton vehicle!

Our plan was to leave Tucson after having the tire problem corrected, but by the time the new tires were installed it was getting a bit late to set out, so we returned to Lazydays for the night.  The next morning we headed to the west for a return trip to California.  Our daughter, Jessica, will be visiting us over the Christmas break and has never been to Southern California, nor has she seen the Pacific Ocean.  So we are going to explore some parks in the Los Angeles area for a stay during the  last half of December.  We also wanted to visit the Palm Springs area to see if it was an area where we would like to stay for an extended period after the first of the year.

“California Haze” on the mountains near Indio

So we made the long (for us) drive from Tucson to Indio,  just a few miles west of Palm Springs, and took a site at Shadow Hills RV Resort for a week.  From here we’ll take a long day trip to Long Beach to look at a park where we may stay for the holidays.  If we are satisfied with that park, we’ll spend the rest of the next week taking in some of the sites in the Indio area.

Shadow Hills RV Resort

Next week we will return to Bakersfield for a stay of at least a week.  Bakersfield is where we stayed in late September and where we sold the motorcycle and trailer and bought the Jeep.  When the Bakersfield Camping World installed a new door awning for us, they accidentally damaged the small camera located in front of the door.  They have ordered a new one and will install it during our visit.  Then, we think we may be off to Pismo Beach, north of Los Angeles for a brief stay.  But plans change often with gypsies, so stay tuned . . .

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3 Responses to Back to California

  1. Marsha says:

    I can’t image what goes through the person’s mind that rotates tires and doesn’t even notice the wear on them. Heck I notice it on our car and, I am a nobody!
    Boy is that Jessica one lucky lady. She is going to have a great time with you two. Hope she doesn’t keep you up too late partying.
    Watch out of LA. You can drop a wad there in one time.
    Enjoy your adventure my friend.

  2. Tom Stack says:

    15 tons?!?!?!? That is insane, I had no idea that it weighed that much!! Glad to see everything i fixed (or about to be) and that you guys are doing well. Loving the Jeep from what i understand as well? That must take 30 seconds to hook up compared to the old trailer. Stay safe out there!

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