Sabino Canyon

Tucson, AZ

We are parked in the lot of Premier RV Renovations in Tucson while having some repairs and renovations made to the motorhome (more on that in the next blog).  When you live in a motorhome and it is in a garage, you really don’t have a home during the day.  So we made the best of the situation and headed to Sabino Canyon to do some hiking.

Sabino Canyon is tucked into the Santa Catalina Mountains just north of Tucson.  The canyon is only accessible by a tram that leaves hourly from the Visitor’s Center and uses a narrow road that leads to the back of the canyon, a ride of a bit under four miles.  For a fee you can ride the tram to the end of the canyon and back, or get off at one of the nine stops to picnic or hike, getting back on the tram as it makes a return trip to the visitor’s center.  We rode out to the last stop and hiked a five mile trail back to the Visitor’s Center.

A crowded tram ride

Looking back down the canyon after leaving the tram

The trail starts by going steeply up the back of the canyon using a series of winding switchbacks.

Going up above the tram stop

Of course, even in a desolate canyon you find time to make a phone call.  Our son, Kevin, returned a phone call to us just as we began the tram ride.  At the last tram spot we had very little service, but as we went up the service became very good so we were able to speak with him.

After climbing the steep ascent at the end of the canyon, the trail leveled out a bit as we made our way back to the south.

Looking back at the trail we climbed at the canyon end

The Great Pathfinder points out the way

This is the area of the country famous for the Saguaro Cactus.  We saw many interesting Saguaros as we hiked.

This Saguaro reminds us of a famous mouse

The picture below is a great view of the canyon.  Tucson is in the flat area in the distance, the tram road can be seen at the bottom of the canyon, and the trail we were on is seen along the left side of the canyon.

A view back into the canyon

One of the colorful rock formations above the trail

It took about three hours to hike the canyon trail.  But the views along the way made the trip worth the effort.  We arrived back at Premier RV to find two out of three jobs completed.  A final part is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so it appears we will be spending at least one more night in Tucson.  Then, we plan to head back into California to check out some places to stay the next few months.  But our plans are very fluid so things may change.  More on that later . . .

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1 Response to Sabino Canyon

  1. Marsha says:

    LOVE Sabino Canyon!!!!
    Oh how I remember that trail. We had the best time there. Your photos bring back so, so many wonderful memories. Wasn’t it amazing how far you could see. A 5 mile trail in that canyon, is NOT like walking 5 miles down the street…hehe

    Pam, I have that same hat…I think.
    Wasn’t it amazing how far that colorful rock formations looks and then you are just able to reach out and touch it. AWESOME!!!

    We have decided to go back to Mission, TX, for Jan. and Feb. We haven’t found a place yet. If you are looking for a place with WONDERFUL people, tons to do every day and happy hour that starts anytime of the day, come on down and join us.

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