Another Night in Tucson

Tucson, AZ

Last night we stayed in the parking lot at Premier Motor Coach Services here in Tucson.  With repairs incomplete, this will also be our home tonight.

Our home in the Premier lot

Premier completed two of three repairs/renovations we wanted/needed yesterday.  The first was a renovation that we have talked about for a long time.  Motorhomes have for years come with day/night shades on the windows that are a combination unit.  The bottom half of the unit is the day shade, which let in light but would not let you see out.  Pull down the top half of the shade and you cover the window with a dark shade that gives the interior privacy.  But these shades are difficult to move up and down and are prone to breaking.  Newer coaches now come with a new and improved system by MCD in Texas.  The new system has two shades mounted above each window.  One is a day shade similar to that seen in some restaurants and in Starbucks.  You can see out from the inside but you can’t see in from the outside.  The other shade is for night use, so you cannot see in or out.  Both are on rollers similar to pull down shades in homes.  They are much easier to use and look much better than the old ones.  The other completed repair was to replace a bent arm on our large patio awning.

The final repair is to replace the coolant overflow reservoir in the generator.   The motorhome has an on-board diesel generator that can supply full power to the coach.  For some reason, the overflow reservoir developed a crack in it, limiting our ability to use the generator.  The part was ordered and arrived today.

When we had our coach serviced in Sacramento a few weeks ago, they recommended we have a front end alignment, as one tire was showing wear.  So while we waited this morning for the reservoir to arrive, we went to an alignment shop recommended by the tech here at Premier.  They work on a first come first serve basis so we arrived at their opening time of 7:00 AM to be first in line.  Our plan was to have the alignment completed in the morning and the generator repair in the afternoon, then head for California tomorrow morning.  But on the way back from the alignment we noticed a pronounced shaking in the front end that was not there before.   So while Premier was working on the generator, we drove the Jeep back to the alignment shop to inform them of our problem and tell them we would be back with the coach first thing in the morning.  They were very apologetic and promised to do whatever was needed to make the coach right.  So it’s another early morning tomorrow when we again head to the alignment shop before 7:00 AM.

While we are the only ones staying overnight in our coach in the Premier lot, there are a number of coaches parked around us waiting for service.  One is of special interest to us.

Pretty nice coach, isn’t it.  You may have seen this coach before.  It is owned by a family who was featured on a Discovery Channel show about a year ago.  Let’s look at the license plate.

Still not recognizing the coach?  Truth be told, neither did we.  But its owner walked by us while we were in the office and the tech we were speaking with told us who he was.  His first name is Todd.

Still not figured it out?  OK, one more clue.  Todd’s wife can see Russia from her house!  Turns out Premier Motor Coach Services does work on the Palin motorhome when they are in Tucson.  We don’t particularly care for Sarah Palin so, while it was cool to see a famous person, we didn’t ask if she was in town or try to meet her husband.

So tomorrow we will be at the alignment shop at dawn and, if all goes well and the problem is corrected by (re)balancing the front tires, we will head toward California.  Should we get on the road early enough we intend to find a park in the Indio/Palm Springs area for a week or so.  More on that later . . .

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1 Response to Another Night in Tucson

  1. Marsha says:

    We were going to get MCD shades also. We thought we would get them this time when we went to TX. It is a big expense, but everyone that has them, love them.

    So glad to hear that Premier will fix the issue quickly. Nice to know you can rely on this company to stand behind their work.

    We are not a Palin fan either. Wonder why they were in Tuscon. On the campaign trail, maybe?

    Oh we love Indio/Palm Springs. Our first year on the road, we boondocked at one of the casinos in Indio. You don’t want to miss Salvation Mt., Salton Sea and be SURE you go to Dos Palmas Preserve. What a cool place out in the desert. We also really enjoyed the General Patton Memorial Museum. Many more places to visit there! Can’t wait to relive that area through your eyes.

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