Oak Creek Canyon and the Bear Mountain Trail

Cottonwood, AZ

This morning we road through Sedona to head up north for a drive through scenic Oak Creek Canyon.   But first we had to stop at a local java shop to enjoy the view.

We have visited many Starbucks in our travels but never one with a view like this.    After finishing our refreshments it was time to go through the canyon to the vista area at the north end.  The road meanders up along the creek for about ten miles, then goes steeply up through a series of switchbacks.

The Oak Canyon Road goes up through the switchbacks

Looking south at Oak Creek Canyon

We drove back through the canyon and Sedona, then headed out for a hike.  After a few detours and dead ends, we found the trailhead for Bear Mountain Trail.  The sign at the entrance was a bit intimidating but, being the experienced hikers we are, off we went.

The trail began with an easy walk through flat terrain.

But it soon turned vertical, with much of the trail going up rocks that were like stairs, only steeper.

Just like on the hike we did yesterday, we found the trail blocked by a large boulder.  But as happened yesterday, one of us used his super strength to clear the way.

The applause by trapped hikers on the other side of the rock was almost deafening.  Unfortunately, they hurried by us before we could snap a photo.  So we just continued up the mountain, stopping every so often to enjoy the view and try to catch our breath.

After an hour and a half we decided that we had gone far enough.  Since there was still over an hour of hiking before we would reach the end of the trail and apparently it is dangerous to come down a winding, steep, rocky trail in the dark, we decided to turn around and make our way back down.

Someone once said it was more difficult to come down a mountain than it was to go up.  Well, we found that saying to be completely false.  Coming down was much easier than the climb up.

Tomorrow is our final day in the Sedona area.  We have hiked every day for the past week and are feeling a little fatigue in the legs, so our hiking plans are a bit sketchy.   But we’ll find something exiting to do and blog about it later . . .

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1 Response to Oak Creek Canyon and the Bear Mountain Trail

  1. Marsha says:

    The Java shop sure had the scenery!
    That is quite a warning sign. Never saw shoes with ankle supports before.
    You two crack me up….The applause by trapped hikers….love it!
    We love that type of hike. Such a great workout and the view is dynamite! We have found though a few trails that coming down was more difficult than going up. Glad you had an easier way down.

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