The Long Road to Tucson

Tucson, AZ

We are visiting Tucson to attend a rally of owners of our motorhome, a Fleetwood Discovery.  This is the group’s yearly national rally and will be attended by over a hundred Discovery owners.  It’s nice to visit with people who live a similar life style and have a similar motorhome.  We learn a great deal just discussing repairs/maintenance/upgrades with people who have experience in those areas.

It is six hundred miles from Bakersfield to Tucson, so we had planned three days for the trip with overnight visits in a couple of towns along the way.  But our new awning was back ordered and didn’t arrive until Friday (our scheduled day of arrival in Tucson), so we couldn’t leave until Saturday morning.  Since we were parked in the Camping World parking lot, there was no preparation needed to leave and there was no one to bother with early morning noise we decided to just suck it up, leave very early, and make the trip in one day.  After all, it was not like we were crossing the desert in a covered wagon!  So at 5:45 AM we pulled out of the parking lot and headed east on CA-58.  It dawned (no pun intended) on us that this was the first time we had driven the coach in the dark, and it will probably be the last.  The limited vision makes the drive a bit more hazardous and it’s difficult to enjoy the scenery in the dark.

Early sun over Tehachapi, CA (windmills on the hills)

Sunrise on CA-58 in the Mohave Desert

After crossing the Mohave Desert we headed south on CA-395 toward San Bernadino.  In Victorville we got on I-15 and headed down the mountain toward the city.

I-15 down the mountain toward San Bernadino

As we approached Palm Springs we passed hundreds of windmills.

Windmills on the Left

Windmills on the Right

Windmills in Rows

After crossing the Colorado River into Arizona we stopped for diesel fuel, paying much less than we did in California.

Desert Hills of Arizona

The ever changing scenery made the long drive go by fairly quickly.  A little after five o’clock we passed downtown Tucson headed to the Lazydays RV Park.

Downtown Tucson

Lazydays RV Sales near Tampa is one of the largest RV dealers in the country.  We have stayed in their RV park the past two years in January to attend rallies.  Last year they purchased a large dealership and park in Tucson, which is the site of the Discovery National Rally this year.

The rally is scheduled to last a week but there are so many things to see and do here we will be extending our stay for at least a few days.  More on that later . . .

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2 Responses to The Long Road to Tucson

  1. Marsha says:

    We HATE driving in the dark. We only did it once and like you two…NEVER again! BUT I will say, that second photo is a beauty.

    Isn’t seeing those windmills a cool site. Whenever we go by a huge group like that, I just stare at them for the longest time.

    You two made great time. Wishing you a wonderful, fun time at the Rally. Don’t over work you brain. You need some down time for relaxing too…you know.

  2. Vince says:

    You guys passed me in Victorville (on a temporary work assignment)! I am about two blocks off of CA 395. Glad you made it down “the Hill” safely…I-15 is a nightmare in a compact. I cannot imagine driving tandem vehicles. Enjoy Tuscon!

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