Baking in Bakersfield

Bakersfield, CA

Last week we had the Bakersfield Camping World install a hitch package on our new Jeep and motorhome.  The system will allow us to quickly connect and disconnect the Jeep to the motorhome when we travel, a process much easier than when we had the motorcycle and trailer.

The installation was suppose to take two days, but the tow equipment is easier to install on a Jeep than most cars and was completed in a day.  We also are having problems with our steps and with the awning over the door, so we decided to have Camping World repair both since we had no immediate travel plans.  The parts were ordered and scheduled to arrive in a few day, so we returned to the park where we stayed the previous week and settled in for another week.  With the Ryder Cup golf on TV, we anticipated a few days just hanging  around the motorhome.  And did we mention the heat?  Who knew that the name of the town implied what would happen to us!  For a solid week the daytime temperatures were over a hundred degrees.  Now as they say in the east, “but it’s a dry heat.”  But a hundred degrees is hot, even without the humidity.

Now it is again Thursday (a week after the hitch was installed), and we have returned to the parking lot of Camping World, where we will stay until the parts arrive and are installed.  The parts for the steps are here but the awning was back ordered.  We decided to overnight in their lot as there is no cost and we think having to see us each time they look out the front of their store may hurry things along.  This morning we were told the awning was on the truck and being shipped from Ontario.  Now, tell someone from Pennsylvania the part is in Ontario and where do they think it is?  We both were concerned about how long it would take to get to Bakersfield until we realized that the Ontario they were referring to is a California city near Los Angeles, not a Canadian province, so it is only a few hours away.  The awning is scheduled to arrive first thing in the morning and service manager Joe has us scheduled for installation right away, so we hope to be on the road before noon.

Our friends Larry and Mary Anne were parked next to us here until late last week when they headed for Arizona.  The night before they left we went wild and headed to a local ice cream shop for a treat.  Rosemary’s Family Creamery has been a fixture in downtown Bakersfield for almost forty years.

While there are sandwiches on the menu, most items involve ice cream, and lots of it!  We each ordered the small size and were surprised at the amount we received.

Let’s take a closer look at that happy guy on the left.  Looks like he ordered “Terry’s Jersey.”  The menu describes this dish as “clouds of rosemary’s custom blended Chocolate Whipped Cream with malt over mounds of delicious Vanilla ice Cream topped with Whipped Cream and a cherry.”  Not to worry, we’re sure it was made with low fat ingredients!

There’s not much to do sitting here in the Camping World parking lot so today we headed about thirty miles east to the town of Tehachapi to an apple orchard we had visited with Larry and Mary Anne a few weeks earlier.

Pulford Apple Tree Orchard is a small apple farm just outside of the town.  We had a bit of  a financial crisis when we arrived, as one of us forgot his wallet and cash while the other only had five dollars.   But we were able to use our good looks to our advantage, and the girl gave us the eight dollar bag of apples for our five dollars.

As you can see below, the apple trees here are much smaller than those we are use to seeing in Pennsylvania.  But the apples taste every bit as good.

Today in Bakersfield it was much cooler, only ninety-two.  At Tehachapi, site of the orchard, you are at four thousand feet of altitude (compared to almost sea level in Bakersfield) and the temperature was seventy-two.  That’s one of the interesting things about this area, drive thirty miles and the temperature drops by twenty degrees!

We are hopeful that our repairs will be made first thing tomorrow morning so we can head to Tucson.  But if not, we’ll just stay parked here another day.  After many years of work, where life was regulated by a schedule (complete with bells), it is nice to have the flexibility to go with the flow.

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2 Responses to Baking in Bakersfield

  1. Deb Dominick says:

    You know you miss those bells!

  2. Marsha says:

    How funny to think it was Ontario, CA, not the Ontario from the far north.
    Oh dear that Terry’s Jersey looks absolutely delicious. That would be my breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days.
    You sly thing…forgetting your wallet and then singing the Blues. Good work!
    Safe travels my friend!

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