New Wheels to Tow

Bakersfield, CA

When we arrived here last Tuesday we were towing this . . .

When we leave next week we will be towing this . . .

After completing the deal to sell the motorcycle and trailer on Wednesday, the next day we headed for the local Jeep dealer.  We wanted a Jeep for a long time but you can’t tow one with the front wheels on a trailer, so we bought a front wheel drive Mitsubishi.  But now without the trailer, the Jeep is back in play.  But we had never even been inside a Jeep so we needed to test drive one and also see if it had adequate room in the back for our bicycles.  After a long test drive, we loved the vehicle.  We loaded one of our bikes in the back and found there was plenty of room for two bicycles, so the deal discussion was on.   We had established a bottom line number we were willing to pay and had a plan to leave the area next week without a Jeep if necessary.  But after a number of offer/counter offer discussions, the dealer came in with a number just below our bottom line and the deal was made.  We didn’t think they would ever meet our offer so we didn’t have our checkbook or title to our car with us.  But that didn’t matter to Bakersfield Jeep, and we ended up driving our new ride home that night.  The  next morning we returned with a check and the title to complete the deal.

Our next stop was the Camping World store just down the street.   We need to have a base plate installed on the front of the Jeep so we can attach a tow bar to the motorhome.  We also want to have an auxiliary brake system installed in the Jeep.  The system will apply the brakes in the Jeep when the brakes in the motorhome are applied.  So Wednesday morning we will move to the Camping World parking lot for three days to install the tow base plate and an auxiliary brake system in the car, then one day to have the wiring installed in the motorhome to monitor the braking system.  Until then we have plans to do some touring in the area.  More on that later . . .

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2 Responses to New Wheels to Tow

  1. Marsha says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! The is the exact jeep our daughter, Kelly’s, boyfriend bought. They love it. They ride with the doors off…I am not too fond of that but…

    Hope all goes well at CW and you are back on the road quickly. You found a great place to be for awhile. Lots to do in that area.

  2. Erin says:

    Congratulations on your new toad 🙂

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