Hello Bakersfield – Goodbye Motorcycle

Bakersfield, CA

After a brief stay in Mariposa to make a visit to Yosemite National Park, we left Tuesday morning and continued our journey south.  After about two hundred miles on Rte. 99 through the heart of American agriculture, we arrived in sunny, warm Bakersfield for a week’s stay.

A few weeks ago we decided that we should sell the motorcycle and trailer and get a new vehicle that we could tow four down (motorhome lingo for eliminating a trailer and towing a car with all four wheels on the ground).  While we loved the bike, we were not riding it very often so it seemed like a waste of effort to drag it around the country.  Some parks where we stay require backing the motorhome into the site, so we would have to unload the bike then find a place to store the trailer as the site was usually too small for it.  Then when leaving we needed to move the motorhome, go get the trailer, then load the bike and the car.  While not a huge task, it didn’t seem worth it when we didn’t use the bike.  So the plan was to wait until we were at a spot somewhere for an extended time, then advertise both for sale.  While unloading the car here in Bakersfield, the park maintenance man suggested we put both on the local Craig’s List, as used motorcycles were in demand in California.  That sounded like a good idea, so that night we uploaded the picture below and submitted the ad.

We received several calls the next morning and by noon had made a deal for both.  Eldon  and his wife of Bakersfield are now the proud owners of a 1999 H-D Ultra Classic and trailer.  We knew the bike would sell easily but the trailer is a bit unique so we were concerned we would not find a buyer.  But we were motivated to sell and gave them a good deal to buy both.  They are very nice people and will take good care of the bike.

So what do we do now when traveling, as our current car, a Mitsubishi Outlander, cannot be towed with all four wheels down.  When we began full-timing we wanted to buy a Jeep, but with the bike and trailer we needed a vehicle that could be towed with just the rear wheels on the ground, so we bought the Outlander because it has front wheel drive.  Now we are in the market for a Jeep Wrangler of some type.  Until we find something and can have the necessary towing equipment installed, when we move John will drive the motorhome and Pam will follow in the car.  But don’t worry, we have walkie talkies so she can still provide him with the necessary driving instructions.

Hopefully we will finish this car purchase soon and have time to do some exploring around Bakersfield before we move on.  More on that later . . .

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2 Responses to Hello Bakersfield – Goodbye Motorcycle

  1. Erin says:

    You made a good decision; towing four down is a lot less hassle … we tow a Honda CR-V and are happy with our set up.

  2. Marsha says:

    That is wonderful that you sold it so fast. CONGRATULATIONS!

    When we sold our house, we put all our furniture on Craigslist, we sold everything fast. Great free advertisement media!

    Good luck with the Jeep shopping. Just one note…we had a Jeep (not Wrangler) our first two years. We sold it because we got terrible gas mileage. Be sure to check that out my friend.

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