Exploring the Pacific Coastline

Monterey, CA

On Tuesday we drove about ten miles south along the coast to do some hiking.  Garrapata State Park hugs the coastline there and has numerous foot paths leading to the cliffs overlooking the Pacific.  Pam found a web site of a local photographer who gives a great description of where to hike and where to see great views of the coastline.

Most of the views were accessible via a path to the cliff, then a steep climb down to the sea.  As typical along the Pacific, a coastal fog hugged the coast, making for a dark, cool day.  Just over the coastal hills to the east we could see blue sky.

After hiking from the highway to the coastline we were treated to some great views of the ocean.

The web site we were using as a guide describe the hike down the cliff as treacherous, but young, nimble hikers like us found them to be barely a challenge.

Looking back up the cliff at a nimble hiker before she conquers the climb

At the bottom of the cliff pictured above we found a ravine with a beautiful, small waterfall.

Looking west from the waterfall

The coastline from near the waterfall

A nimble climber conquers the cliff!

As you travel down Route 1, you cross a bridge over a ravine.  From the highway you can’t see the bridge so you have no idea of it’s elevation or the concrete arch design.  In the picture below look at the far end of the bridge.  That path you see going under the bridge and to the right is what will be our next hike.

The view from under the bridge on the hike down

The bridge from below

That nimble hiker again, returning up the hill

On the ride home we stopped for a visit in the small town of Carmel by the Sea.  You may know the name from it’s former mayor, Clint Eastwood.  And where would any good tourist stop when visiting Clint’s city?  You guessed it, a cheese shop!

This is a great little cheese store with a huge variety of cheeses.  They have a great sales gimmick:  let the patron taste any cheese they want.  After tasting many types of cheese, we bought a chunk of every one we sampled!  The use of sampling as a sales technique should be made illegal and banned, especially from cheese shops.

As we predicted in an earlier blog, we have been very busy since we arrived in Monterey.  Man, this retirement thing is hard work!  Tomorrow we are off to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  More on that later . . .

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3 Responses to Exploring the Pacific Coastline

  1. Deb Dominick says:

    The scenery is gorgeous, but why is it always the same nimble, young hiker? Where’s the other guy?

  2. pmbweaver says:

    Treacherous…that word isn’t in your vocabulary!!!

    The Pacific coast is so beautiful. Your photos do it justice!

    The waterfalls is gorgeous. You would never have known it were there unless you did that “not-so-much-of-a-challenge” hike. Just a beauty!

    I enjoy looking at bridges but not so much crossing them.

    That nimble hiker sure gets around. Why are you following her?

    I am sure you two complained the entire time you were sampling. Did you tell the sale people that your sampling should be a crime and to throw you out by your ear? Didn’t think so.

    Another wonderful day for your two. Enjoy!

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