Welcome to Sacramento

Sacramento, CA

We left Redding about 10:00 and headed south on I-5.  As we left you could see and smell smoke from fires in the area.  The day before was clear with clean air but the wind must have shifted, as that was not the case today.  About twenty miles to the south the air cleared and the odor disappeared.

Redding is at the north end of California’s central valley, where most of the agricultural products sold in super markets across the country are grown.  We drove through miles and miles of farms growing a variety of products including sunflowers, melons, yellow squash, rice, olives, almonds, and pistachios.

After a drive of about a hundred and sixty miles, we pulled into the Cal Expo RV Park.  The Cal Expo is home of the California State Fair and this park is used for attendees to that event.  But, as with many fairgrounds, most of the year it is open for general RV use.  The park is a gravel area with no trees or grass.  But it is just what we need as it has large sites, full hook-ups, and a Starbucks and bike path nearby.

Cal Expo RV Park

We plan on being here for a week, unless we find so many things to do that we need to stay longer.  That’s the beauty of this life style, if we want to stay we stay, if we want to leave we leave.  Sacramento appears to have much to do and see so we will just wait and see what develops.  More on Sacramento later . . .

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1 Response to Welcome to Sacramento

  1. Marsha says:

    Now be honest…did you pick that park because of the LARGE sites OR because it is near STARBUCKS? I think I know the answer to that question!!!
    Enjoy Sacramento.

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