Welcome to Oregon

Salem, OR

We left the Seattle area this morning for a 225 mile drive south on I-5 to Salem, the capitol of Oregon.  We want to see the Portland area, but there didn’t seem to be many good RV parks there so we chose to go about 30 miles to the south and stay in Salem.  We have a nice concrete site at the Hee Hee Illahee RV, resort just north of the city.  We asked about  the name and the young man who checked us in said the park is tribal owned (we’re not sure what tribe) and he had done some research on it.  The name is based on a Native American language that only has about a hundred words, with context altering the meaning of those words.  The name roughly translates to “fun place to be”.

Our site – that’s a pool in the background

As we passed through Portland we were treated to some great views of Mt. Hood to the east.

Mt. Hood

We booked our site for a week, with an option for a second week.  It appears that there is a lot to see around here and we want some time to sit and relax a bit, so we will probably stay put for the next two weeks.  More on that later.

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2 Responses to Welcome to Oregon

  1. Deb says:

    Only a 100 words? I’ve known some high schoolers who knew less than that and “functioned”. Will you be anywhere near Eugene? Jesse spent 2 weeks there, and he really liked it, kind of a laid back hippie type city, according to him. However, he said there was a real drug problem:(

    Mt. Hood looks very impressive! Who needs Mt. Fuji!

  2. Marsha says:

    Great site. Looks plenty big with a picnic table and a kind of “shade” tree…hehe.


    I know you two are going to do the Columbia River tour. You will love all the falls and there are plenty of trails to hike.

    Don’t miss the rose garden and Japanese garden. I hope they are both still in high bloom. They have a Farmer’s Market also that is pretty cool. If you want a special Christmas gift for Jessica, they have the coolest candles in stone. There are two locations at the FM. Really unique. I bought one for each of the girls as a Christmas gift.

    Enjoy the Portland area. Lots and lots to do.

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