Last Visit to Seattle – the Chocolate Tour

Seattle, WA

On our final visit to downtown Seattle, we visited the Theo Chocolate Factory in the Freemont Neighborhood of Seattle.  Theo Chocolate is a small company that typifies the spirit of Seattle by being an organic and fair trade company.  By organic they mean their beans are grown in an environmentally friendly environment without the use of pesticides. By fair trade they ensure their growers earn a living wage and have access to education for their families.

The Factory

A local helped us find the tour

Lucy and Ethel prepare for the day shift

Our tour guide explains the process

One of the posters in the introduction room

Lucy and Ethel snack at break time

Samples in the sales room

The sales pitch worked – making a purchase

After the tour we headed downtown to buy a take-home dinner at the Chowder House and Pike Fish Company.  On the way we had a great view of the Space Needle.

Crab purchase at Pike Fish Company

While not a big problem, downtown Seattle does have it’s share of panhandlers.  Some have signs that create sympathy and generate donations, while others need a little creativity in their presentation.  The guy below is an example of that, as nobody was donating to his weed fund.

Are you serious ? ? ?

We fought the Seattle traffic back to the motorhome and enjoyed a nice dinner while watching the Olympics.  Tomorrow we head to SeaTac Airport so Jessica can catch her flight back to the east coast.  The next day we head south to Salem, OR for a week or two.  More on that later . . .

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2 Responses to Last Visit to Seattle – the Chocolate Tour

  1. Marsha says:

    Lucy and Ethel look like they are about to enter the surgery room to assist in a triple bypass. I think the guy ate too much chocolate.
    Oh I would have felt like I died and went to heaven…to be in a chocolate TASTING room….YUMMMMMYYYY!
    I can taste those delicious crabcakes from here! You need to make those when we go to Utah next spring.
    At least that panhandler lets you know how he is REALLY going to use that donation. Just one crazy person after another.
    Well, it certainly looks like you had a wonderful time with Jessica. So very happy for you all. Safe travels, Jessica!

  2. frankeeg says:

    Hi Guys, I am slowly catching up with your adventures again.The last month has been hectic…can you believe a retired couple too busy even to read blogs??? Your last three posts have been about food and here I am on a diet!!! I only have another 9 months reading your past posts until I catch up with your latest. Cheers

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