The Columbia Center – Downtown Seattle

Seattle, WA

During the Pike Market Food and Culture Tour yesterday the guide suggest that if you wanted a beautiful view of the Seattle area, go up the Columbia Center building, which is the tallest building in the Pacific Northwest.

File:Columbia center from smith tower.jpg

The Columbia Center

Looking up from the entrance

From a few blocks away

At a height of over a thousand feet, it is twice the height of the Space Needle.  The building has 76 floors with an observation deck on the 73rd floor.  Choosing to visit the observation deck of the Columbia Center over the Space Needle turned out to be a great decision, as it is much higher and cost a third of the Space Needle.

Looking north toward the Space Needle

West across Elliot Bay and Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains

Street level 73 floors below

Zoom on the Space Needle

South toward the sports stadiums

Century Link Stadium – home to the Seahawks (NFL football)

Safeco Field – Home of the Mariners (Major League baseball)

Baseball infield

Western end of I-90 (the eastern end is in Boston)

You take two elevators to reach the 73rd floor.  As you exit on the 40th floor to change elevators,  the smell of coffee is in the air.  What do you know, a familiar coffee shop!

Choosing a drink

Enjoying the view from the 40th floor

The view from Columbia Center is very impressive, both at the 73rd floor observation deck and the 40th floor coffee shop.

Our next blog will be the last for our visit to Seattle.   It involves a visit to a “sweet” factory.  More on that later . . .

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1 Response to The Columbia Center – Downtown Seattle

  1. Marsha says:

    Gorgeous photo of the Columbia Center. What a wonderful clear day you had.

    Wonderful photo of the city! AWESOME!

    Now there was no need in posting a picture looking down! I felt like I was beginning to fall…not a good feeling.

    The Space Needle looks pretty impressive from up there.

    Cool shot looking down into the baseball stadium.

    Another wonderful post from Seattle. So happy for you three and all the fun you are having.

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