Seattle Food and Culture Tour

Seattle, WA

Two of our gang of three decided that they would leave the third uninterested member of the gang sitting in a coffee shop working on a blog.  They joined a tour of the Pike Market area called Pike Place Market Food and Culture Tour.  The tour began in a nearby coffee shop, where the group met at a large table, heard some introductory remarks, and received a small radio receiver and headphones.  The tour visited ten eateries in the market area and tasted good sized samples at each site.

Coffee shop meeting

Morgan the tour guide

Mac & Cheese at Beecher’s Homemade Cheese

As you walk along the sidewalk you will see white numbers in a red music note.  There are thirteen of these notes in the city and they designate a spot for a busker.  Busking is performing some kind of music or act on the street for tips.  Usually it is a small instrument (guitar, sax, etc.) and maybe some singing.  Using a piano is a bit unusual but this busker was very good.

Crabcake tasting at Etta’s Seafood Restaurant

Post Alley is an alley just off the main market area.  It was the first free parking area for the market and still has one post left if you show up on a horse.

Post Alley is the home of Pike Place Chowder, the home of the best Chowder west of Rhode Island.  The chowder made here is in the Chowder Hall of Fame in Rhode Island (a hall of fame for chowder?).

Tasting at Pike Place Chowder

The tour passes by the original Starbucks at Pike Market.  But every time we passed this Starbucks the line snaked north to the Canadian border.  We’re not sure what the draw is to this shop as there is another Starbucks just around the corner (where the tour met) with a much shorter line.

The original Starbucks logo

Below is a collage of some of the shops we visited.

The two participants thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the member left behind enjoyed some peace and quite doing a crossword puzzle at a nearby park.

Tomorrow is the final day of Jessica’s visit so we plan to head back into the city for some more site-seeing.  More on that later . . .

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2 Responses to Seattle Food and Culture Tour

  1. Bob and Jo says:

    So far we like Ivar’s chowder not only in the Seattle area but anywhere

  2. Marsha says:

    We listened to the piano man also. He was REALLY good!
    Oh I would have loved that tour. Chowder, Mac and Cheese, Crabcakes…I would have felt like I died and went to heaven!!!
    So glad you two girls could share a wonderful few hours together. More memories that you will NEVER forget!
    Enjoy your last day with Jessica. Make it a great one!

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