Into the State of Washington

Deer Park, MT

After four days outside Glacier National Park, we have moved into the state of Washington. The final two days near Glacier were rainy, so we didn’t get to do some of the hiking we planned, but since the first two days were sunny we did get a great tour of the park.

We left Coram, MT and drove west using US-2 almost the entire 257 miles.  This is the first time we have driven that far in the motorhome without using an interstate.  But the road was good, we enjoyed some great scenery, and we drove through some interesting small towns.  Early in the afternoon we stopped along the road for some lunch.  The pull-out was right along the Kootenai River, giving us a nice view from our chairs.

Lunch along the Kootenai River

River view from our chairs

We arrived in Deer Park, about twenty miles north of Spokane in mid-afternoon and checked into Spokane RV Resort for an eight day stay.  We have a very large, paved site that faces a golf course.

Spokane RV Resort

View out the driver side window

View from the street

We chose to stay in Spokane because our friends Paul and Marsha Weaver stayed here a few weeks ago and commented in their blog, Where’s Weaver, how nice the city is and the many sights to see.  So we’ll be checking them out in the next few days.

More on that later . . .

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One Response to Into the State of Washington

  1. Marsha says:

    Sometimes getting off the beaten path is just what you need. So glad the road was good.

    You two have a great campground. I can see the pictures of you two teeing off now. FORE!

    You will love Spokane. We only spent the one day but would have spent at least three days just slowing down and exploring the downtown area. Wait till you see all the different bridges. I think there are 22 different ones.

    There are like 20 wineries in that area. That should keep you two busy for a day or two.

    I don’t know if you like acoustic music but every Friday they have a free concert at Manito Park Bench Cafe.

    Looking forward to reading all about the places we did not get to see. Enjoy! Hope you have great weather.

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