On Sunday we drove about 30 miles to downtown Minneapolis.  One thing this city has in common with every other large U.S. city is traffic!  We have been across I-494 near the Mall of America three times and each time traffic was stop and go.  But once we made it to the downtown area we found a nice city straddling the Mississippi River.

Approaching Minneapolis

We crossed the Mississippi River to visit the main campus of the University of Minnesota.

This is a very impressive, old style, traditional campus with buildings on both sides of the river.

The main quad area (that’s a sunken road in the foreground)

The Coffman Memorial Union – built during the Depression

Weisman Art Museum – Front View

Weisman Art Museum – Rear View

It seems that you need to be an artist to understand the beauty in the Weisman Art Museum.   To us it just looked like something designed by an elementary student.

The campus has buildings on both sides of the Mississippi and students use a walking bridge on top of the Washington Street bridge.  You can tell this is a cold weather campus as the walkway is inside a building.

One end of the bridge

The other side of the bridge

The “Shoe Tree” on one side of the bridge

The Physics Building – an example of the old style campus buildings

TCF Bank Stadium

Just north of the walking bridge is the I-35W bridge.  This new bridge replaces the one that collapsed during rush hour in August of 2007 killing 15 people.

The new I-35W bridge

Minneapolis owes much of it’s growth to flour mills that sprung up along the river during the 19th century.  Gold Medal Flour still has a large mill near the downtown.

The Stone Arch Bridge is an old railway bridge that is now used as a pedestrian bridge over the Mississippi near St. Anthony’s Falls.

The Stone Arch Bridge

Near the downtown is the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, home of the Minnesota Vikings.  It may be a nice place to watch a football game, especially in Minnesota’s winter, but is sure looks like a monstrosity from the outside and doesn’t appear to fit in with the neighborhood it is in.

Our visit was cut short by a heavy rain storm.  We were disappointed, as the city has a great bike path along the river that we wanted to explore, but nature had other plans.  So we returned to the motorhome to watch the U.S. Open for a bit.  We then returned to the Mystic Lake Casino to have another bowl of Minnesota Wild Rice soup.  We ate there on Friday and the server recommended it as a local specialty.  It sure is delicious!

After we ate we took a walk around the slots area.  As we rounded a corner we were surprised to see our Uncle Festus enjoying a bit of gambling!  Some of the people in this place would fit in nicely at the “People of Walmart” web site.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to Minnesota.  Tomorrow we will head west into North Dakota.

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1 Response to Minneapolis

  1. Marsha says:

    The campus is LOVELY! I love looking at old building that have history like the Coffman Memorial Union .

    I think the Art Museum lives up to the name BUT I think it is out of place on the campus. Doesn’t tie in very good with the rest of the buildings…just my opinion.

    Oh clever and nice for the students to have a walkway. That is really interesting. Love the idea of it being in a building. I am sure the students do too.

    Hope those shoes in the tree doesn’t have the same meaning as a shoe on a wire on a street means…hehe

    Paul and I knew nothing about the University. This was a great tour! Thanks so much for taking us along.

    Oh dear, I do remember the bridge collapsing. How terrible! We have friends in MN, Barb and Bruce, and they said it was awful.

    Stone Arch Bridge is a beauty. Like Pam, I love looking at bridges; unlike Pam I do not like walking, running, skipping or driving over them..thank you very much.

    The soup looks so yummy. It is raining here again today…soup is on the menu for us too, unless we find a cool place in Longview to eat.

    HAHAHA…you are so right. We have seen tons of “Walmart” people in casinos. Some even looking as bad or worse in casinos.

    Great blog you two. Really enjoyed it!

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