Mall of America

Minneapolis, MN

Today we took a 12 mile drive over to the Mall of America, one of the main reasons for our stay in this area.  The mall has two large parking garages that hold over 20 thousand cars, making all parking out of the weather and near an entrance.  There are three floors of stores in a ring about a half mile in circumference.  A fourth floor goes about half way around the circle.

All four floors inside the mall

In the center of the circle there is a fairly large amusement park.

Left side of the amusement park

Right side of the amusement park

Along the edge of the amusement park is a very large Lego store with huge figures made from legos.

Large lego figures

A huge lego robot

Now, we are a pretty daring couple, so we decided to look at getting on one of the rides if we could find one that would meet our our high level of challenge.  The one in the picture below has you sit in spinning seats with movable wings.

It then takes you up in the air and spins you around.

It seemed a little tame for us, so we skipped it.  The next one looked fairly harmless.  A U-shaped track that supports a giant skateboard with two sets of spinning seats as it rocks back and forth.

One side of the U-shaped track

The giant skateboard

The skateboard takes you up to a total vertical position, then drops you straight down.  Again, not much of a challenge, so we passed on it.

The next ride appeared a bit more challenging.  First you ride a car straight up.

For a brief moment you sit on the top, then you . . .

. . . drop straight down and into a few hairpin turns.

While more challenging than the first two rides, it still wasn’t up to our standards, so we moved on.

Then we found it, the perfect blend of rises, drops, and high rates of speed!  A perfect ride for two dare-devils ! ! !

Our favorite ride!

After walking around two of the levels, it was time for a short break.  With hundreds of stores (520+) and many food and drink shops, we were able to locate a Minneapolis favorite where we tasted some of the local fare.

A well-deserved break

Tomorrow the forecast is for good weather so we’ll take the bicycles for a ride in downtown Minneapolis.  If the weather is dry on Monday we will continue our journey to Fargo, ND.

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3 Responses to Mall of America

  1. Marsha says:

    Oh my gosh…that is crazy…20,000 cars in each lot. Just CRAZY!

    Now you tell me there is an amusement park in the Mall.

    I love that Lego store. I saw a contest on TV not long ago. They all used Legos to build anything they wanted. Some of the stuff was awesome! So creative.

    Where is the picture of you two on that daring ride? What the heck…I wanted to see arms in the air, screams on your faces, wind in your hair.

    I see that lady again. Where are all her packages? Can you find out what she bought?

    Paul doesn’t know it yet, but we ARE going there just to see this place.

  2. frankeeg says:

    Ummm! I have seen some big shopping malls/centres/towns etc but the Mall of America is certainly larger than anything else I have seen. 20,000 cars!!! That is the population of a good sized town. How do they all get in and out at peak hour? Cheers FrankieG

    • placestheygo says:

      That’s exactly what we were thinking! But there seemed to be many entrances and most of the parking is in a huge multi-layered garage. Because the mall was so many levels, it didn’t seem as large inside. But they do have a mile walking course through out.

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