On to Minnesota

Mystic Lake, MN

We planned to leave Fond du Lac, WI on Thursday but a check of the weather found that it was raining in Minneapolis, our next destination.  Since the weather in Fond du Lac was going to be nice, we just decided to spend another day in Wisconsin.  After doing some preventive maintenance around the motorhome in the morning, we took the bicycles out and went for a tour of the town.   Fond du Lac sits at the southern end of Lake Winnebago, the largest inland lake in Wisconsin (80 miles long and 10 miles wide).  In fact, the name means  “foot of the lake.”  The town has a nice park along the lake with playing fields and a marina.

The park marina in Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac is also home to Marian University, a small Catholic school of a bit over 2,800 students.  It’s a very small campus, especially to us since we toured the University of Wisconsin only a few days ago.

Once back at our spot at the fairgrounds we checked out some early arrivals for this weekends Holstein competition.  We’re not sure exactly what the competition involves, but it appears to be a beauty contest, as many of the competitors where getting some last minute primping in the “bathing” area.

Leaving the bathing area

Headed for the competition stage

Making sure both ends are clean

It’s always fun to watch farm kids around their animals, as they are so serious and caring.  It’s a great example of the power of responsibility.

First thing Friday morning we checked to be sure the weather was good, then loaded up and headed to the northwest to Minneapolis.  Somewhere along I-94 we stopped at a rest area for lunch.  As we prepared to leave, this is what we found parked next to us.

The bus looked like it would have trouble leaving the parking lot.  Apparently it is driven by a retired firefighter from the West Coast touring the country.

We continued our journey to Mystic Lake RV Park, just south of Minneapolis.  It’s a nice park with concrete pads that are mostly pull-throughs.

From the picture above it would appear that we have a nice wide site.  But the pads have room for two RV’s parking side by side.  As the picture below shows, we are very close to the RV next to us.  But it will do just fine for our visit.

Just a short walk across the street is the Mystic Lake Hotel and Casino.  If the casino business is any indication of the health of the economy, we are doing just fine.  But, unfortunately, casinos do not reflect economic health.

Main entrance to Mystic Lake Hotel and Casino

The casino floor

We don’t understand the draw of playing a slot machine, but apparently the senior citizen population of the are find it quite invigorating.  We observed a great deal of inheritance dollars disappear into these electronic money magnets.

Tomorrow we’ll check out the Mall of America.

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3 Responses to On to Minnesota

  1. Marsha says:

    Love the Marina photo. So peaceful!

    There is that lady again. Now she followed you to the campus. I think she is stalking you two. This is disgusting to say the least!

    You sure did the best side of those contestants.

    That the bus is extreme, but I do like the message.

    We do not like those jack knife sites. We had one for two weeks this past spring and we had no privacy at all. As soon as we would go out the door, we saw our neighbors. It looks like you two have it a bit better with the nice grass area.

    MALL OF AMERICA…when do you pick up Jessica? I thought she was meeting you two for a three day shopping spree?

    Enjoy your weekend. Spend your kid’s inheritance at the mall…hehe

  2. Paul Weaver says:

    I HATE that type of RV hook-ups. Dang cheap campgrounds won’t spend the money for double pedestals.

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